Capella SilverLine Crunchy Frosted Cookie


Satisfy your craving for a crunchy frosted cookie any time of the day with this Capella SilverLine Crunchy Frosted Cookie vape juice. The sweet and salty flavor is sure to make you feel like biting into one, even when you’re not hungry!

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Capella SilverLine Crunchy Frosted Cookie is a taste of sugar-coated nostalgia, for Capella Silverline frosted cookie lovers. A milky cookie dough flavor with hints of cinnamon and imported Belgian chocolate makes vaping more delicious than ever before.

Capella SilverLine Crunchy Frosted Cookie, the perfect frosting for your e-liquid

Capella SilverLine Crunchy Frosted Cookies is your perfect afternoon snack when you have a big assignment due or just need to refuel after a busy morning. Treat yourself with the subtle fragrant flavor of this frosted cookie, bite right into it and revel in the taste sensation!

Product description: Capella SilverLine Crunchy Frosted Cookies are crunchy cookies filled with rich, creamy chocolate that will have your mouth watering from just thinking about them! They’re something you’ll want to gobble up in one sitting – but better not try, lest you get a messy face for dessert. These frosted cookies come well packaged so there’s no worry for freshness, and they’re made from only the finest ingredients here on our premises

This smoky menthol e-juice is the perfect icy splash, that will leave your taste buds tantalizing with delight. With a cool effervescent burst of flavor for the first few vapes, you’ll quickly be met by frosty notes of peppermint and wintergreen. This light dessert vape provides an excellent way to enjoy any time without needing to break out the ice cream!

Savory crunch topped with creamy frosting and sprinkles. Soft, buttery, and light cookie goodness.

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