DIY E-Liquid Calculator

Discover the art of creating personalized e-liquids with our user-friendly DIY E-liquid Calculator. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vaper, this calculator tool empowers you to design your own e-juice recipes. Simply input your desired volume, VG/PG ratio, nicotine strength, and flavor percentages to craft the perfect blend. Embrace the alchemist within and dive into the world of e-liquid mixing!

Simply choose your desired amount to make, your preferred ratio and nicotine strength, add unlimited flavours and their percentages, and unleash the alchemist in you!

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Guide: How to Use our DIY E-Liquid Calculator

Give your recipe a name

Start by specifying the name of your recipe.

Amount to Produce

Start by specifying the volume of e-liquid you aim to produce in millilitres (ml). You can adjust this quantity at any stage of your e-juice recipe creation. 100ml is a good starting point, with this, 1% = 1ml and makes for a relatively easy mix throughout.

VG/PG Liquid Ratio

Select your preferred VG/PG ratio. This balance is crucial for achieving the appropriate liquid for your vaping device, MTL liquids are generally mixed around 50VG/50PG, whilst DTL liquids have a higher VG proportion such as 80VG/20PG.

Nicotine Strength

Define the required nicotine strength that you would like to make your DIY e-juice into (mg). MTL users typically use higher Nicotine levels such as 20mg/18mg/12mg/9mg. While DTL users typically have much lower levels of Nicotine, such as 3mg/6mg. If you do not require Nicotine, please leave this section blank.

Nicotine Base Strength/Ratio

Firstly specify which strength Nicotine you will be using. Most Nicotine Shots are either 18mg or 20mg, while for professional use 72mg is most common , Then specify which Nicotine Base (PG or VG) you will be using in your Mix. Most will be either 100% VG or PG, but some Salts are 70/30. Please check bottle for details.

Flavour Concentrate

Add the flavour concentrates of your choice. These will be represented as percentages in your final e-juice recipe. Most One Shots are designed for use at 20%. We recommend starting at this point for any new mixes, adjusting accordingly thereafter. Or build your own complex recipe, with the ability to add as many flavours as you would like.


Once you've input all details, our calculator will display the measurements for your e-liquid in both ml and percentages. Follow these guidelines to concoct your very own DIY vape juice blend, but don’t forget to save or print!

Common Questions About Making Your Own E-liquid

What is the ideal VG/PG ratio for my e-liquid mix? +

The ideal VG/PG ratio depends on your vaping preferences. A higher VG ratio is more commonly used for Direct to Lung (DTL) sub-ohm vaping style. Relative to your device, Higher VG liquids can tolerate a higher heat, through a lower OHM coil, resulting in thick plumes of cloud and a smooth vaping experience. A Higher PG level or anything more balanced (50/50) is more commonly used for Mouth to Lung (MTL) liquids, which is the more traditional vaping style. These type of liquids are operated at lower heat, with a higher OHM coil, resulting in a more personal vaping experience that mimics a smoking experience.

How do I determine the right nicotine strength for my e-juice? +

A satisfying vaping experience depends on choosing the right nicotine dose. You can choose wisely by considering your nicotine intake, the type of device you use, your preferred throat experience, and your unique goals. Remember that you can adjust your nicotine intake as your preferences vary. To find the right match for you, it's a good idea to talk to experienced vapers, obtain advice from professionals at your local vape shop, and experiment with different nicotine levels. Your vaping experience should be enjoyable and satisfying.

Can I mix multiple flavor concentrates in one e-liquid recipe? +

Absolutely! Mixing multiple flavour concentrates allows you to create unique and complex e-juice recipes tailored to taste. There is no limit to the variants you can add to your mix. Traditionally, total flavour percentages of between 15 - 25% work best, subjective to preferential levels of taste.

How long should I steep my DIY e-liquid? +

Steeping time varies based on the flavor concentrates and the desired outcome. Most e-liquids benefit from at least a week of steeping. However, some flavors, especially creamy or dessert profiles, might require several weeks to fully mature and deliver the best taste.

Is there a shelf life for DIY e-liquids? +

DIY E-Liquids typically have a shelf life of around 2 years. However, this can vary based on the ingredients used. It is most often the Nicotine that degrades first and oxidises your juice. Store your e-liquids in a cool, dark place to maximize their lifespan and maintain flavour quality.

Can I adjust the flavor strength after mixing? +

Yes, you can adjust the flavour strength by adding more flavour concentrate to make it stronger, or by diluting the mix with more base liquid you can make it weaker. In both instances this will slightly alter the final Ratio/Strength. Remember to shake well after making adjustments and allow the e-liquid too steep for the flavours to bond properly.

Is it safe to mix my own e-liquids? +

Mixing your own e-liquids can be safe if you follow guidelines and use quality ingredients. Always use gloves and work in a clean environment. Ensure you store nicotine and other ingredients out of reach of children and pets. It's also crucial to understand the properties and safety precautions for each ingredient you use.

What equipment do I need to start mixing my own e-liquids? +

To start mixing your own e-liquids, you'll need some essential equipment: Cylinders, syringes, weights or pipettes for accurate measurement, gloves for safety, bottles for storage, and a clean workspace.

Do I need to use distilled water in my e-liquid recipes? +

While not always necessary, some mixers use a small amount of purified water (usually 1-2%) to thin out high VG mixes.