Capella SilverLine 27 Bears

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At Capella SilverLine 27 Bears, we believe that everyone should enjoy the wonders of vaping. Whether it is for taste, aroma or smoking cessation.

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Capella SilverLine 27 Bears is a bear-y sweet blend of mouthwatering fruity flavors that will have your mouth watering with every vape Juice. With a frosty, creamy bite and refreshing fruitiness, you’ll want something ice-cold to wash it down. Just the right amount of smoothness will make it difficult for any fruit lover not to enjoy this complex flavor.

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Most Capella SilverLine 27 Bears lovers are well aware that the analogs, like cigarettes, quickly deplete. This juice mimics the taste of cigarette smokers who want to kick their habit for pleasure without craving an aftertaste or nicotine buzz. You can be committed to an aromatherapy program dedicated to remembering all your favorite moments through fragrances and aromas.

SilverLine 27 Bears are flavorful, sweet vape juice blends made with the finest ingredients. They come in unique combinations of fruit flavors that make it hard to pick favorites. Paired with a clean, fresh exhale, these juices are great for all-day vaping. The multipurpose set fits anywhere you go. Pick one up today!


Silverline’s new mystery jelly treat, 27 Bears will surely satisfy your inner sweet tooth. A clear gummy texture with a sweet, sugary taste that will leave you growling for more!

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3 reviews for Capella SilverLine 27 Bears

  1. Vinnie (verified owner)

    Adds a lovely gummy feel and taste to the juice at around 2-3%. Not used standalone as doesn’t seem that type of flavour.

  2. Andy R

    I use this in so many of my mixes, compliments almost all of my mixes perfectly. A sweet gummy soft candy flavour with a touch/hint of pineapple. one of the best from the Silverline imo.

  3. sally

    A very nice flavour and goes well with many fruit flavours

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