General E-Liquid Advice

General Advice

  • A Vape-Liquid is a combination (a mixture) of a number of components, all our e-liquids will contain Flavourings, Propylene Glycol, Aqueous Vegetable Glycerine, (in varying degrees depending on flavours and ratios).
  • All the Alchemists Vape-Liquids are made from the highest, purest components available and sourced from the UK, Europe and the U.S.A. We do not source liquid components from China, Asia or Third World Countries.
  • We do not and will not knowingly sell ,or supply, Vape-liquid to anyone under the age of 18.
  • All our Vape-liquids are made in small batches, to stringent controls, in our own cleanroom.
  • We advise that when you receive them you allow enough time for the flavours to marry, develop and mature before vaping, this is called steeping and it allows the flavour of the Vape-liquid to reach its optimum. a good indication is the bottle date, if its been bottled 2 weeks or more, its considered ready in most cases, custards, creams and dessert based liquids can take slightly longer to reach their full potential, while some fruit flavours may be ready sooner.
  • We have a separate page, dedicated to how to ‘Steep’ our Vape-liquids – Click Here
  • Our Vape-liquid is only intended to be used with electronic cigarette products / vaporizers by persons over the age of 18.
  • Our Nicotine shot is 18mg/ml in strength and fully regulated and approved.
  • ALL E-Liquids supplied by us are 0mg/ml (Nicotine free) designed to accommodate our Nicotine Shot if required.

Storage Advice

  • The storage life of unopened bottles is in excess of 18 months.
  • Store Vape-liquid upright, in a cool dark but well-ventilated area, in a locked cupboard or drawer, out of reach from any children or pets and away from food and drink.
  • Keep away from naked flames or sources of heat.
  • Store away from incompatible substances.
  • We always supply a child resistant cap with every bottle of Vape-Liquid and strongly recommend that this is used when the bottle is being stored.

Warnings & Safety Advice

Nicotine at any strength is classed a Toxin.

If ordering our TPD compliant 18mg/ml Nicotine shot, we are required to give the following warnings:-

  • Toxic warning May cause respiratory tract irritation.
  • May be fatal if swallowed. Harmful if inhaled.
  • May be fatal if absorbed through the skin.
  • May cause central nervous system effects.
  • May cause adverse reproductive effects based upon animal studies.
  • May cause eye and skin irritation.
  • Target Organs: Central nervous system, lungs, skeletal muscle.

We also offer the following advice on handling:

  • Wash hands thoroughly after handling.
  • Remove any contaminated clothing and wash before reuse.
  • Use with adequate ventilation.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing.
  • Keep container tightly closed.
  • Avoid ingestion.

All our bottles of E-liquid are supplied with child resistant caps and carry CHIP compliant labeling, tactile hazard warnings, appropriate safety warnings and information on ingredients, etc.

We are constantly updating to ensure compliance.

Please read all labels and warnings on our E-liquid bottles.

Health Advice

We advise that before use, you talk to your doctor, especially if you are pregnant and/or breast feeding or if you have (or think you have) any of the following:-

  • any allergy to PG/VG/peg 400 or nicotine;a weak immune system;
  • a heart disease, an irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure or chest pain;
  • a jaw condition called TMJ (temporo mandibular joint) disease;
  • an over-active thyroid;
  • diabetes;
  • pheochromocytoma (tumor of the adrenal gland);
  • liver or kidney disease;
  • a stomach ulcer;
  • asthma or chronic pulmonary disease.

The above is not a full list, if you have an illness please talk to your doctor before using any E-liquid.

Also remember there are many drugs that can be affected by nicotine, including prescription and over-the-counter medications, they include vitamins, minerals, herbal products, etc, please ask your doctor if you are unsure.

Should you require further information before purchase, please enquire through our contact form on the contact page, or via email.


Be advised that some flavours may not be suitable for use in polycarbonate tanks as they may cause cracks in the plastic.

We will not be held responsible for damaged equipment, you use the Vape-liquids in your vape equipment at your own risk.

The use of E-Liquids and ‘Vaping’ is a relatively new concept, time trials and medical studies are few and far between, quantified results and information about any potential risks therefore are hard to find.

There is much speculation about the safety concerns of using E-Liquid and the components that are used to make it.

We advise that you carry out your own research on the subject, and make up your own mind.

If you decide to use our E-Liquid, you agree that you do so at your own risk.