Capella SilverLine Cinnamon Sugar Flavour

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This Capella SilverLine Cinnamon Sugar Flavour is a product of Vape Juices and Flavor West. This flavored e-juice can be used for aromatherapy, cooking, and to vape with if you’re looking to switch from smoking cigarettes.

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Sweet and subtle, this vanilla cinnamon flavor is a relaxing pleasure. The taste is excellent for breakfast pastry substitutes like donuts and pancakes that you can enjoy all day long. Forgot to pick up milk? Not a problem; the Capella Silver Line Cinnamon Sugar Flavor tastes great without it with your coffee or hot cereal! When making homemade ice cream, forget about using plain syrup when you have this e-juice available in your pantry!

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No other flavor is as iconic for the holiday season as cinnamon. Welcome to the Capella SilverLine Cinnamon Sugar Flavour! If you’re looking for an authentic taste of all things fall, this one will knock your socks off. Singing praises about traditional American holidays has never been so easy or delicious with our newest e-juice catered specifically to your palate!
Want that perfect whip cream topping on a pumpkin spice latte? Looking for that right food pair at Thanksgiving dinner? This flavor has everything you need without any fat content involved! Get creative and fill up your kitchen countertop with new finds from Capella. We’re waiting—and we can’t wait!

Explore the versatility of Capella SilverLine Cinnamon Sugar Flavour. Add this mix-n-match flavor to any savory food or beverage for a sweetening, potent twist. The cinnamon sugar notes are perfect accompaniments to coffee, tea, sauces & baked goods.
Mixed together in just the right proportions with other flavors, it can build complexity and provide depth-enhancing spice blends that’ll keep folks coming back again and again.


SilverLine’s Cinnamon Sugar. What can we say? “It’s a downright all day mix.” The amazing smooth aroma of your favorite hot pastry, just out of the oven, freshly sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

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  1. kirill303 (verified owner)

    I mix CAPELLA SILVERLINE CINNAMON SUGAR FLAVOR with inavera shisha apple and get not a bad apple pie

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