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The alchemist is a leading retailer of DIY E-Liquid in the United Kingdom. Kits, e-liquids, and DIY mixing supplies, including e-liquid concentrates and nicotine shots, are our specialties. Since 2012, our objective has been to push major customer service limits beyond what is typically anticipated of a typical DIY E-liquid enthusiast business, which is why we have been so successful, becoming one of the UK’s first online DIY E-liquid firms.

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About the Alchemist’s Cupboard

The year was 2012, As a dedicated vaper, The Alchemist was always searching for a better blend of E-Liquid & UK E-Liquid Flavourings, but his quest was a struggle, many were sampled, but very few met with his discerning palate.

It was as a result of this that he decided to develop and start mixing his own unique, complicated recipes, containing only the finest of flavours sourced from around the world, blended to precise formulas with incredibly tasty results.

The journey itself was long and arduous, along the way many ingredients were tried and rejected, Only the very best of these were reserved and added to his magical cupboard, flavours and liquids that are still enjoyed by thousands of vapers to this very day.

Over the years we have adapted with the times and introduced the DIY side of vaping to our cupboard, while still offering and developing new E-Liquids, Offering customers affordable products with the freedom of adapting the flavour to their specific requirements is what separates us from the rest. DIY UK E-Liquid Flavourings can be fun and save you a lot of money. 

Why Choose Us?

We prefer to lead the field rather than follow it; This means that every UK E-Liquid Flavourings you buy from us is produced or sourced for its quality. It is our mission to provide our customers with the very best vaping experience possible, ensuring our product range is of the highest quality, yet affordable. With our fast delivery times and exceptional customer service, we aim to cater for your every vaping need and continue to bring you the very best of what’s available.

We are Passionate vapers here at The Alchemists Cupboard, and we are committed to Tobacco harm reduction. This is why we aim to provide our customers with help and information, not just with DIY E-Liquid products, but with any aspect of the vaping world. Customer service is a top priority in our cupboard, so you can always feel safe and secure shopping at The Alchemists Cupboard. 

We offer over 150 original Alchemist made E-Liquids, Most of which are also available as a ‘One-Shot’ Concentrate, along with another 150+ One-Shots sourced from only the most reputable producers within the UK, USA & EU. An extension to One-Shots is the newly presented format of ‘Bottle-Shots’ which we also manufacture. We proudly offer over 1500 single flavour concentrates, from the leading flavour manufacturers worldwide. These are the flavourings the professionals use to make E-Liquids.

All products that are imported, rebottled or manufactured by us, are done so within our cleanroom laboratory, ensuring your liquids are of the highest quality. We also offer everything needed to produce and make your very own E-Liquids (DIY) by way of Measuring Cylinders, syringes Bottles and lots lots more.

We are the originators of our craft, with over 10 years industry experience, in making Great E-liquids and producing DIY mixing supplies, It is our on-going mission to continue to supply only the very best products for years to come.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have been saying for years here…. Customer Reviews