One Shot E-Liquid Concentrates

What are One Shot E-Liquid Concentrates?

One Shot E-Liquid Concentrates flavourings are expertly blended flavours designed to be used on their own and are often based on an already popular e-liquid flavours.

What are the benefits of One Shot flavour concentrates?

The first benefit of One Shot E-Liquid Concentrates flavouring is ease of use. You don’t need to use a combination of flavour concentrates to achieve the flavour you want. Simply add the recommended mix percentage of the One Shot flavour concentrate to you preferred VG, PG and nicotine mix and you’re good to go. The second main benefit of One Shot flavour concentrates is that they’re a guaranteed hit. So if you already enjoy your Coconut Caramel Hazelnut Honey  e-liquid, for example, then you know that you’ll like the flavour concentrate.

A few One-Shots that The Alchemist Recommends:

Money Shot – Bunce Biscuit Boss – Caramel Crème 

Deluxe – Mango Ice  Vampire Vapes – Heisenberg