Our Clean Room Laboratory

How clean is the liquid you vape?

E Liquid Clean RoomWe believe that being able to provide customers with the purest of liquids, made from UK sourced pharmaceutical grade products, in a clean sterile environment, is a necessity and ultimately what customers want and deserve.

Cleanroom LaboratoryTo that end, we have invested around £70,000.00 and built a Cleanroom Laboratory and a connected ‘air-locked’ gowning room, to the current ISO 14644 recommendations and guidelines for cleanrooms & laboratories.

It may be useful to understand what a cleanroom is. By definition, a cleanroom is:-

“An environment or room in which the concentration of airborne particles are controlled, constructed with materials and used in a manner to minimize the introduction, generation, and retention of particles inside the room and where other relevant parameters, e.g. temperature, humidity, and pressure, can be fully controlled, as necessary.”

ISO Class 3 standardsWe have built a new cleanroom using the latest available cleanroom materials and utilised Ceiling Mounted Laminar Flow Hepa Filtration capable of filtering / cleaning the air to ISO Class 3 standards or, to put it in layman’s terms, it is as clean (if not cleaner) than a UK-spec hospital operating theatre.

You can rest assured that the e-liquid you are buying from The Alchemists Cupboard is one of the cleanest, purest, and flavoursome available, and that it has been manufactured and bottled by our own highly trained and experienced operatives in our own laboratory in the UK, under stringent controls.

Purpose built Cleanroom LaboratoryThe pictures above are of our own purpose built Cleanroom Laboratory.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so we thought we would add a few thousand’s worth.

But, then we thought. How many is a video worth?