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The Pro’s & Con’s of Disposable vapes

You may have noticed Disposable Vapes have made there way onto our store. You may also be thinking that the Vape Industry has gone full circle, back to 2012, but the facts are the vaping industry continues to innovate at a phenomenal rate, to meet the changing needs of consumers. It’s clear to see after… Read more »

Making your own DIY E-Liquid

Making your own DIY E-Liquid For as long as vaping has been around, Vapers have been making their own E-Liquids. Why? Because it’s super easy and with the advancements of One-Shots & Bottle shots, Making your own DIY E-Liquid can be as simple as adding only 3 or 4 ingredients together. It is also much cheaper than buying pre-made Vape liquids…. Read more »