Inawera Flavour Concentrates

Inawera Flavours are highly concentrated flavourings compared to most other flavours we supply in our Cupboard (similar to Alchemy Flavour Arts) This range is another great choice for customers looking for value and to reduce the cost further per ml of DIY E-Liquid.

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Indulge in the exquisite world of Inawera Flavours.

Where flavour creation reaches new heights. As a distinguished vaper seeking the finest experiences, you deserve nothing less than the renowned Inawera flavour concentrates. Trusted by vaping enthusiasts worldwide, Inawera has carved a prominent name for itself in the global vaping community, cementing its position as a brand synonymous with excellence. When it comes to achieving the perfect balance in your DIY e-liquids, Inawera understands that precision is key. Fine-tuning your mix to perfection may require slight adjustments to the percentage of flavourings used. For optimal results, we recommend incorporating approximately 1-3% of Inawera concentrate into your blend when combining it with other flavours. With Inawera, the power to create your own signature vape juice blend lies in your hands.

Inawera takes pride in its extensive catalogue of over 200 tantalizing flavours.

Delight your senses with their diverse range of options, featuring an array of enticing choices such as tobacco, menthol, fruit, and alcohol flavours. When it comes to capturing the authentic taste of tobacco, Inawera's tobacco concentrates stand unrivalled, hailed by many as the closest resemblance to the genuine article. Meanwhile, their non-tobacco flavours astonish with their astonishingly realistic interpretations, bringing the essence of real-world flavours to your vaping experience. At our store, we proudly offer an extensive selection of Inawera's top-quality concentrates, showcasing over 70 of their very best flavours. Embrace the opportunity to embark on a sensory journey like no other, with prices starting as low as £1.89. Such exceptional value is unparalleled, guaranteeing you access to these exclusive prices that cannot be found elsewhere. Elevate your vaping experience with Inawera Flavour Concentrates, crafted for the discerning vaper who craves uniqueness and unparalleled quality. Explore our collection today and unlock a world of extraordinary flavours, where your vaping dreams become a tantalizing reality. Remember, for the ultimate satisfaction in e-liquid creation, choose Inawera.