Capella SilverLine Black Currant Flavour

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For Capella SilverLine Black Currant Flavour lover, it is time to put down that cigarette and start vaping! Vape Juices are the perfect way to cleanse your taste buds. Keep away from all those nasty chemicals found in cigarettes with this multipurpose E-juice flavor.

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Capelas SilverLine Black Currant flavor is a fruity and tangy flavor that is perfect for the consumer who likes to vape through multiple e-juices, but loves to switch it up from time to time. The notes of black currants are easily detectable in the creamy background, which creates an aromatic dessert taste that will leave you coming back for more! This whip cream topped dessert also makes a delightful addition to any coffee or teatime experience. Enjoy Capela’s SilverLine flavours with coffee or tea all year round!

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Flavor a Capella SilverLine Black Currant Flavour lover. Remember to use these flavors strategically and combine them for a multi-purpose vaping experience whether it’s just for pleasure or while smoking cigarettes. We have all the vape juices you need, from Strawberry-Banana or Blueberry Muffin that is perfect with coffee to Bakery (Vanilla Buttercream). All of our multipurpose e-juices are delicious and well priced. Black Currant is a delicately sweet but also slightly sour berry with notes of citrus, cranberry, and vanilla. Capella SilverLine Black Currant Flavour will give you all the aromas of fresh berries dipped in whipped cream topping ice cream on a summer’s day without any of the guilt!

Just when you thought delicious, quality Capella SilverLine Black Currant Flavour eliquids couldn’t get any better… Well, you were wrong. With smoke juice, vapers can enjoy the smoke without the chemical tar and second-hand smoke. Our E-Juice is diligently blended for maximum results in vapor production that goes beyond your wildest expectations. From fruit flavors to parfait flavours; find what suits you best today!


Black Currant This European favorite has a sweet earthy taste unlike other berries. Fresh gooseberry and passion-fruit-raspberry, mix with the floral aromatic notes of carnations and roses.

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5 reviews for Capella SilverLine Black Currant Flavour

  1. Stacey (verified owner)

    Tried loads of blackcurrant flavours,but i can safely say it is the best Blackcurrant flavouring that is on offer.

  2. P Walker (verified owner)

    My favorite blackcurrant flavoring. Works great on it own at 15% and is ready to vape the next day after being made.

  3. William65

    Another great flavour from Capella silver-line. I prefer these over the normal ones, not only are they cheaper, they taste better and go further. This blackcurrant being my favorite.

  4. Ricky

    There isn’t a better Blackcurrant on the market imo. There may be stronger Blackcurrant flavours, but I can assure you there wont be a better tasting one. Capella have nailed this.

  5. Keeley

    With out doubt one of the nicest Blackcurrant flavours around. Not super strong but works well around 15% standalone.

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