Capella SilverLine Apple Snacks


Capella SilverLine Apple Snacks are a delicious, juicy bite packed with natural flavor. Made from whole fruit and other real fruit ingredients with no preservatives added, the snacks are naturally gluten free.

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Capella SilverLine Apple Snacks are perfect for those who enjoy a variety of flavor profiles. In the blue, green, and pink flavors, these appetizing snacks hit as hard as your favorite e-juice will vape taste as fresh as if you’re using smoking products!

Multipurpose E-liquid from Capella SilverLine Apple Snacks

It tastes and smells just like you just took a bite out of that fresh, crunchy apple. Now throw it in your bag and take it with you on the go.

Our SilverLine Apple snacks are perfect for satisfying those cravings anytime, anywhere. It has the delicious taste of biting into a crisp apple- no microwave needed- perfect for any time of day, but best at snack time! A healthy alternative to chips or chocolate bars, Capella Silverline Apple Snacks are also great as an afternoon pick me up! Capella SilverLine Apple Snacks E-Juices are fruity, full of flavor, and perfect for everyday use. Capella Flavors come in a wide variety of flavors that pair well with apple snacks. You can enjoy any type of fantasy fruit your mouth desires – from cherry to strawberry! What are you waiting for? Come explore the world of all things Capella today!

Capella SilverLine Apple Snacks is a pure, fresh-pressed e-juice made from the best quality Fruit and Vegetable extracts as well as real Oil flavors. There is nothing artificial or phony about this product! This delicious Vapor has been tested by Capella Labs with great success. The flavor spectrum can range from sweet to sour tastes depending on how often you vape, so be sure not to overdo it or else your breath will smell like a spoiled apple. Take care of your health by using Vape Juices that are multipurpose and compatible with smoking!

Your favorite apple cinnamon cereal in a cold bowl of milk, you can taste every detail, from the tiny red specks to the crunchy grainy texture of the loops.

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1 review for Capella SilverLine Apple Snacks

  1. Ian

    Nice Flavour!
    Mixed at 15% (recommendation seen online) & steeped for 10 days.
    You get a great combination of cereal milk and apple, although none of the flavours stand out singularly, they just make for a really well worked combination. I wasn’t expecting to be a big fan of it but wanted to try it out being a new Capella flavour, but I thoroughly enjoyed the 60ml I made and will probably look to make a bigger bottle soon and steep it for a bit longer.

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