Capella SilverLine Whipped Marshmallow Flavour


Sweet treats are meant to be enjoyed. That’s why at Capella SilverLine, our team is always dreaming up the most delicious flavors that you could put in your vape juice, use in recipes or just eat with a spoon.

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Tickle your taste buds with Capella SilverLine Whipped Marshmallow Flavour for Capella SilverLine Whipped Marshmallow Vape Juices. The multi-purpose aroma is perfect for vaping or cooking up some delightful marshmallow treats.

Capella SilverLine Whipped Marshmallow Flavour is a multipurpose flavoring

For Capella SilverLine Whipped Marshmallow Flavour lovers, vaping is the only way to taste marshmallow flavors. Try this vape juice with a smooth and creamy whipped vanilla flavoring for your next flavor fix.
The sweet smell of rich vanilla extract lures you in to take a bite—once you’ve inhaled our vapors, it’ll be time for another picnic! This e-liquid tastes just like walking into an ice cream parlor at night when everyone’s eating pizza and drinking Popsicle drinks because summer has come to your place once again!

You just can’t beat the taste and smell of good old-fashioned marshmallows. The kiss of sweet vanilla lingers on your tongue as you bite into them, invoking all kinds of memories from childhood camping trips and Christmas morning with the family. And now Capella SilverLine Whipped Marshmallow flavor e-juices make it possible to enjoy this iconic flavor anytime, anywhere. Get the best vape juices online here at The Alchemists Cupboard!


Those who like Whipped cream and marshmallow, get ready for a fantastic new desert combo from Silverline. A gentle touch of marshmallow with a whipped cream bite.

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