Capella SilverLine Fruit Circles Flavour


Capella SilverLine Fruit Circles Flavor is a delightfully delicious flavor that is refreshing with natural fruit extracts.

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Capella SilverLine Fruit Circles Flavor Vape Juices are made with quality ingredients that have been sourced from around the world. With fruit flavors of blueberry, lemon drop, raspberry, and figs & dates, these Capella liquids will tantalize your taste buds while also satisfying your craving for e-liquid for smoking. We recommend vaping at different wattages to experience all four of these amazing smokable food recipes!

This is a fruity vape juice that will win your taste buds over with it’s creative and unlikely flavor. Not only does the fresh, raspberry fruit blast hit your palette to entice you with a hint of under-ripe strawberry, but this flavour has been specially created by Capella for an authentic expression of their research into fruit circles flavours in baking goods. The use or take it wherever you go, Capella silver line e-juices pack small size but huge flavour!

Great tasting fruit vape juice recipes with Capella SilverLine Fruit Circles Flavour

Capella SilverLine Fruit Circles Flavour is a delicious blend of natural fruit juices. It has zero calories and zero carbs. It’s perfect for those who want to be slimmer, tastier, healthier, or just downright happier!
How can you use Capella SilverLine Fruit Circles Flavour? Make healthy foodie recipes substitution – Simply switch out the sugar with our Great Taste Award-winning fruit juice recipe! Use as a flavour enhancer in almost anything from cake frosting to mashed potatoes. Replace it as your late-night cravings go into a tickle fest without wrecking your diet goals. Cool off after hard workouts by downing a bottle of this juicy goodness to hydrate yourself enough for round two the next day.,

If you’ve daydreamed about the perfect fruit flavor to vape, your imagination has probably conjured memories of Capella SilverLine Fruit Circles Flavour.
feel like mouthwatering juicy tropical fruits with a delicate dessert touch. Now, imagine exhaling it through an e-juice vaporizer for smoother delivery and activation of ingredients that goes deep into the lungs for maximum benefits. Add in dairy or heavy cream to give your recipe even more versatility; use as a morning refreshment with eggs and toast, sweetness on pancakes or waffles–the possibilities are limitless! Unleash your creativity now!


If you love fruity flavors, wait until you taste Silverline’s Fruit Circles. You’ll enjoy a crunchy burst of morning fruit blended with a distinctive cream. Fresh milk pouring into a bowl of your favorite cereal – yes please!

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