Capella SilverLine Rainbow Candy Flavour


Capella has a great collection of Rainbow Candy flavour crafted with the care and precision you’d expect from Capella. Here, you can find all your favourite sweet treats squished together in one bag.

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Get those creative juices flowing and try these ideas for Capella SilverLine Rainbow Candy Flavor Vape Juices.
We’re all about that flavor over at Capella, which is why we make fruit extracts like the awesome apple mix Capella Apple Mix (CO). But what if you want something more fruity and fun? Get yo’ cape on with our awesome Capella SilverLine Rainbow Candy Flavour – a delicious range of fruity candy flavors including cherry cola, blue raspberry, grapefruit menthol, and blackberry!

New Capella SilverLine Rainbow Candy Flavour E-Liquids is here

Capella SilverLine is a new line of e-juice purveyors from Capella. And their new e-juice flavor description goes something like this…unexpected pairings abound in addiction to desirability not only on the tongue but on the palate as well with a gorgeous blend of loveliness that can’t be mistaken for anything else. Splendidly brilliant flavours follow each other one after another each tasting even more intense than its predecessor until you finally get to what’s been waiting for your taste buds all along…the inevitable craving and hunger satisfied in such magnificently magnificent ways.

Challenge your taste buds with a variety of insanely colourful, super addictive flavours that will delight both children and adults alike. Unrivaled in quality and craftsmanship, this vape juice is the perfect antidote to the dull monotony of life. With such an expansive range on offer, you can find something for any mood or occasion; from hard candy to tangy sour apples we have it all!


This hard-shelled chewy treat is a bold new Silverline flavor. Straight out of the bag, Rainbow Candy is a flavor fantasy sensation with hues of Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grape, and Strawberry.

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