Vampire Vape Starter Kit Bundle


Your choice of Vampire Vape concentrate (30ml) + 3 x Nicotine Shots (18mg) + 100ml VG +  1 x 250ml Empty Bottle + 1 x 30ml Bottle –

This makes 150ml of Vampire Vape E-Liquid. The Cheapest way to vape Vampire Vape E-Liquids.


The Cheapest & Easiest way to introduce yourself to DIY vaping. Enjoy Vampire Vape flavours now, in an easy to use DIY E-Liquid Starter Kit.

Included in the starter kit

  • 1 x 30ml Vampire Vape Concentrate
  • 3 x 10ml Nicotine Shots (18mg/ml – 100% VG)
  • 100ml of VG
  • Empty 250ml housing Bottle + 30ml Convenience Bottle


This example will make – 150ml of E-Liquid – 3mg/ml – 80vg – 20pg

  • Remove Cap from Concentrate and pour this into your EMPTY 250ml housing Bottle.
  • Add 25ml of Nicotine Shot (for 3mg/ml)
  • Finally add 95ml of VG.
  • Shake and leave too steep for the suggested time before enjoying.


If you require 6mg/ml, please purchase extra Nicotine Shots, then add another 25ml of Nic Shot but subtract the same amount (25ml) from the VG inclusion when mixing. This ensures ratio remains and flavour is not compromised.

For first time users, you may find this 100ml Measuring Cylinder helpful


  • Blood Sukka
  • Heisenberg
  • Pink Man
  • Ice Menthol

Additional information

Weight 0.003 kg

Blood Sukka, Heisenberg, Pink Man, Ice Menthol


  1. James W

    Great value for 150ml of Heisenberg. After a few days its spot on for the pre-made stuff, at less than half the price. 5*

  2. Mike

    When made its exactly the same as the shop stuff, but its like 15 bottles for the price of 5 maybe 6! Wont be buying anywhere else again but here.

  3. Jason

    Exceptional value for a top quality juice. 150ml for under £15 is crazy!

  4. Victoria

    One thing is for sure, you wont find this cheaper anywhere else, 150 ml of Heisenberg for £15. Kit comes with everything needed, was my first time mixing and had no problem whatsoever. Found the juice takes a day or so for the taste to really come through to the standard of shop bought ready to vape stuff, but i read that is perfectly normal, will be making one in advance at all times now. 5*

  5. Dan Gardner

    Order arrived very quickly, was my first time ordering from here, parcel came well packaged and fully tracked. Very smooth transaction.
    Very satisfied with my purchase, was familiar with Vampire Vapes and have had Pink-man before, there is no difference in flavour/taste to the shop bought product, its tastes just as good, if not better, knowing you are saving over £20 by mixing it yourself. 150ml would cost the best part of £40 in a shop, i mixed this for £15. It’s a no brainier. 5*

  6. Ross

    Top quality! Brilliant flavour and great value. 5*

  7. John

    Top quality flavour that is the real deal, easy to make and easy to vape, so i’m glad its nice an cheap for 150ml.

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