Silver DIY E-Liquid Mixing Kit

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Silver DIY E-Liquid Mixing Kit blends the ultimate mixology for your taste buds. It contains premium quality ingredients with smooth tobacco, creamy vanilla, or mixed fruit combinations.



4 x Nicotine Shots
2 x 100ml VG/PG
2 x Empty 100ml Bottles
2 x Empty 30ml Unicorn Bottles
1 x 100ml mixing Cylinder
1 x 10ml 1 x 5ml Syringes (with 14g needle)
1 x Pair of Mixing Gloves
5 x 10ml Flavourings


If Silver DIY E-Liquid Mixing Kit you would like to try mixing your own e-liquid, this kit has everything you need. It is packed with handy mixing accessories, a step by step guide and contains the highest quality food and pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

This kit from the base and flavouring supplied will make between 200ml of E-liquid dependant on percentage of flavour used in your mix. You will have considerable amounts of Nicotine left (dependant on your preferred strength) so the next time, you will make your juice much cheaper, due to not having to buy this again.

If you need help working out the percentages to mix at, We highly recommend the (eJuice Me Up) mixing Calculator.

We have produced a “How to make your DIY E-liquid Guide

We even have a recipe page to show you what can be achieved

*this is a fixed bundle and changes and amendments cannot be made.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

1 x 100ml PG + 1 x 100ml VG, 2 x 100ml PG, 2 x 100ml VG

23 reviews for Silver DIY E-Liquid Mixing Kit

  1. Fabio Rodrigues

    Where do I start? I received the product 2 days after ordering. That more that justifies the price and goes beyond it. The items were all packed in a saleable bag, all labels clearly visible and with all the information easy to find. Absolutely easy to use as all the items that came with make it easy to use, even for new comers. Only reason I give it 4 starts is because nothing is perfect, and I couldn’t find a decent calculator to make my own liquid. Definitely recommend and will use again.

  2. Ethan

    This liquid depending your you flavour is awesome, tastes great but the flavouring contains Diacetyl other than that’s wicked prouduct

  3. Rachael

    I’m very new to mixing my own liquid and this starter kit is excellent and easy to use and a decent price would highly recommend.

  4. Ian

    Got my kit about six weeks ago and to be honest I have never bought any liquid that comes close to what I am making, It really does make a difference steeping your liquid , but I cant resist trying it when I make it ha ha. It even lasts longer than ready mixed liquids I made 10ml up for a couple of friends and they were blown away by the flavour my wife normally vapes menthol but she keeps nicking mine, so I have started hiding it. get the kit, sit down and load up e juice me up (the programme that gets the mixtures spot on) take your time get the measurements spot on and viola you wont regret it !

  5. Lewis

    This kit is easy to use and will save you a lot of money, enough said there. The end result of the e-jucie depends on the mix and flavour but Vanilla is a great every day vape at 50/50

  6. Mark b

    Received my kit this afternoon. Crackin service from AC by the way, quick and professional. The kit has everything I need as a complete novice mixer. Cooked my first batch just now (the Mrs is calling me Heisenberg….), there will be a lot of experimenting in the next few weeks I’m sure, until I find those magic flavours. First time I’ve used AC, will definitely be using them again. Bang on!

  7. Allan

    I love this kit wanted to give it a go ordered some flavours to go with it found it quite easy to do and can make it to my taste and a lot cheaper great service from this company and very fast delivery will most certainly buy from them again well recommend them.

  8. Richard Cardey#

    Everything was in the order, very pleased but I’m not sure the bottle sizes are accurate. My 5ml holds way more than that more like 7.5ml and same for the 10ml more like 12.5ml so when you come to add your mixture the bottle looks almost 2/3 full making you think you have calculated wrong. I filled a bottle with water a drew it out with a 10ml syringe to find it was way more. So you need to find out how much each bottle holds and adjust your total you want to make so that you fill the bottle. I want to fill my bottle not have it 2/3s of the way full. Other than that great little starter kit

  9. Mark Dee

    I would like to offer some feedback regarding your products and services. This is the first time I have used your company, and do so after a recommendation in a You Tube video on making your own E Juice. I have to say that the service, communication and products are all top class! I have made my first batch of E Juice today using you’re “Silver Starter Kit” and it has come out really well….(considering its my first time). Using the recommended calculator really helps get the balance right. Keep up the good work……I look forward to ordering more stock soon. Kind regards Mark

  10. John Fox

    A good kit to get you started at a good price, quick delivery all came in one piece, I would recommend getting this if your wanting to mix your own.

  11. Shaun Rowley

    Just decided to stop burning money on pre-made E-Liquid and decided to take the plunge on this kit. It’s easy to make your own, honestly, it’s not tricky at all. Plenty of information/recipes online too, not to mention calculators to keep you right. I’ve just made up roughly 200ml of fluid from this kit in less than 20 minutes. Really good starting point to get you into it and once you’ve got the needles and bottles, the replacement VG/PG and Nic base is cheap to replace. Give it a go, you won’t regret it!

  12. Tom

    Absolutely perfect place to get started into the ridiculously addictive world of e-liquid mixing 🙂 all bottles labelled very clearly and the addition of the black/white caps for PG/VG is suprisingly helpful as well, nice little touch there. If the thought of mixing liquids has even flickered through your mind purchase this kit as fast as possible whilst it’s on offer! you won’t regret it at all, promise 🙂

  13. E Stevens

    I wanted to start mixing my own juice as I like high quality juices with high VG levels, but these are always expensive, and I also wished to lower my nicotine level to 3mg/ml. This kit has everything one needs to start the DIY process. I ordered 6 extra flavours to go with the starter kit, along with an extra 100ml of VG. The order arrived in less than a week, which is fast considering I live in Switzerland and most things take over a week because Swiss customs is lethargic. I mixed up my first batch of juices and they are almost all fantastic, only one turned out poor and that was my fault for being a bit over-zealous with the Ethyl Maltol! I cannot recommend this kit enough, nor the service. 5 stars and two fat thumbs up.

  14. Phil

    Ordered yesterday lunch time and received today. Asked for extra vg instead of the pg and that is what i got. Super happy just need to knock up some juice from the flavours i ordered but judging from the way they smell they will be great.

  15. Ruth

    Perfect kit for beginning to mix my own. Quality ingredients, great price and good advice available on the site. Add all that to excellent service and speedy delivery and you can’t go wrong. Brilliant.

  16. Hayley Watts

    Great introduction to making your own E-liquid. Superb value, amazing quality and very simple to use. Made a months worth of liquid for what I would have spent in a week on vape liquids. Don’t hesitate in buying this kit, it will save you money.

  17. Julie

    A brilliant kit, was slightly nervous with doing this as I’m not a great cook. But in reality I couldn’t not belive how easy it was and more so just fhow great the eliquids turned out. Easily as tasty as ones I’ve spent considerably more money on from so called premium brands. Can’t wait to try more flavours now.

  18. Toby Redmond

    Great little kit to get you on your way, quality products that taste great, all in all very happy customer.

  19. Richard Burgess

    A good quality kit of very high quality and incredible value.
    Very prompt delivery and secure packaging. Will save you an incredible amounts of money in the long wrong. Wonderful kit all round.

  20. Craig Davies

    Great kit, has everything you need to start mixing your own e-juice, it even came with gloves. Great flavours and very happy with the juices I made, I’ve read they’re meant to get better with time, they taste perfect to me after only a few days, can’t wait to make more. 5 star product and service

  21. Dianne Hughton

    What a fantastic product this is, it contains everything you require to get you on your way. Flavours are great, I selected Capella after reading great things and was very happy with the flavour they deliverd, I understand I am supposed to steep these flavours, but to me they taste great after only a few days. Can’t believe I spent 3 years paying premium prices when I can make juices 10 times cheaper and to me they taste just a good. Lastly, I ordered on my lunch break and it arrived at 9.15 the next morning. Great service and great product, can’t wait to try more flavours.

  22. Harry

    Fantastic kit, a great introduction to DIY vaping. Kit contained everything needed to make my liquids in a safe and calculated manor. The juice turned out great and i am now back for top up supplies. Highly recommend for anyone looking to DIY vape.

  23. Jay

    Received this a day after my birthday. Fed up of spending extortionate amounts on below average juices. Most of the time the flavours re very mute. In addition my palate is not very sharp. Now with courtesy of the alchemist cupboard I can tailor make to my tasting preference and make some premium juice clones at a fraction of the cost. Package was well packed, very prompt delivery service, with all contents listed included. Already I’ve made over 70ml of juices and currently tinkering with trying to replicate my favourite ice cream. Do not hesitate on purchasing. You will not be disappointed. Thank you alchemist cupboard team.

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