Mixing Syringes – Twin Syringe Pack


Each pack consists of:-

1 x 10ml BD Syringe
1 x 5ml BD Syringe
2 x 14 gauge (1.5″ long) Blunt Dispensing Needles Ideal starter pack for the DIY Mixer, accurate measurement of liquids is the key to success when making your own E-Liquids. The syringes are manufactured by Becton, Dickinson (BD), who are renowned for producing the finest quality disposable syringes.

Mixing Syringes - Twin Syringe Pack

Both syringes have a standard “Luer Slip Tip” friction fit fitting, enabling you to fit whatever size /guage needle you require. The 5ml and 10ml syringes are the most common used size for the mixing DIY enthusiast.

Supplied in individual sterile blister packs with long expiry dates.

Twin Syringe Pack Needle

Luer Slip Tip fittings are the most used type of syringe fitting, the correct method of attaching a needle is to push and twist it on to the syringe, this ensures the connection is less likely to detach in use.

The supplied 14gauge dispensing needles are matching Luer slip fitting and can be removed, cleaned and reused many times.

SYRINGE Mixing Syringes

The large gauge makes it easy to draw up even the thickest liquid
(like VG, etc).

The stainless steel tip measures 1.5inch long and is blunt ended, reducing the risk of neddle stick injury etc. Tip* We have found that a coat of clear nail varnish on the oudside of the syringe, will preserve the markings for a very long time – increasing the useable time. F.Y.I. Theses syringes are supplied with 14 Guage Needles.
The needle guage chart shows the size, colour, measurements of the most comonly used Blunt Needles. We suggest Guage 14 as a good size as it has a bore large enough to allow you to suck up the thicker liquids like VG without problem.

Twin Syringe Pack Instructions Chart

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