Heisenberg Vampire Vape Concentrate

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Heisenberg is an excellent e-liquids that will impress you with its flavor. These flavors are also used to cook food recipes and a multipurpose. Are part of the vape Lovers community, then do not hesitate anymore! You must try this!

Heisenberg Vampire Vape Concentrate is a PG Based Flavour., which is to be used only in DIY E-Liquid. Dilute to suit user, between 10-20% depending on required flavour strength.

Contents approx 30ml

Heisenberg Vampire Vape Concentrate is a top-secret recipe that can only be described a fruity undertone with a cool crystal after sensation.

Heisenberg is made from the highest quality ingredients and made in the UK in a clean room from creation to bottling. All come with batch numbers and expiry dates. Sample liquids held for future testing to ensure the highest quality product. If it doesn’t pass QC it doesn’t go out the door.

*This is not intended to be vaped on its own. These concentrates are for personal use and not to be used for commercial purposes.

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43 reviews for Heisenberg Vampire Vape Concentrate

  1. jamesmasters67 (verified owner)

    Really good boiled sweet flavour with fruity tones and candied peel. Mixing at 12% gives me a fantastic all day vape on 0.5 ohm @ 26.5 watt. To me, great value from the Sorcerer once again!

  2. Fiona Harlow

    still my go to flavour, wonderful mixed at 15%, a real shake and vape with an abundance of flavour. so glad the alchemists sells this now, i can get all my vape shopping done in one place.

  3. Steven

    Best vape I have ever tasted. such bold flavour.

  4. Mark Wood

    I love this stuff, its all i vape, used to pay £10 for 4 bottles, now i make 20 bottles for around the same cost. Excellent value and excellent vape.

  5. Chloe

    You either love it or hate it, I LOVE IT!! Best vape ever.

  6. Bazza

    You can not go wrong with this stuff, mix at 15% and you will save an bag load of cash compared to buying the 10ml pre-made bottles and it will taste exactly the same.

  7. Kevin Booth

    No other flavour like it. Fruity menthol and lots else going on in this flavour. Didn’t think i was going to like it as much as i actually do.

  8. JImbo67

    Brilliant flavour. Incredibly strong, even at 10%

  9. Pete1

    If the days ends in a Y… you can be assured i’m happily vaping away on this. All day every day for me, Sub-ohm or Pod system, both taste great.

  10. Brett

    easy to vape, great flavour and value.

  11. John R

    No mistaking this juice, you can smell it a mile off. Easy to mix and easy to vape.

  12. Leon9

    Easy to vape, goes a long way which makes it great value. An all day every day vape for me.

  13. Freddy

    Nice flavour that is easy to vape but hard to put down.

  14. Gemma

    Lovely vape. Delivers amazing flavour, a 30ml bottle of this concentrate makes me 200ml+ of vape liquid and it tastes exactly like the small 10ml bottles i used to buy but only much much cheaper.

  15. Joe

    Exactly like the pre-made version when mixed at 20%. Works out so much cheaper.

  16. Rob9er

    Doesn’t get easier or better than this, the original… the best! 5*

  17. Simon

    Great vape great flavour overall brilliant vape

  18. Rish

    Great taste one of my absolute fav liquids, strong taste and nice smooth hit would 100% recommend.

  19. Andy

    Has to be the best vape juice of all time. With The Alchemists being the cheapest i can find it anywhere when sales are active.

  20. Jake

    Lovely all day vape juice. Incredibly flavoursome when mixed at 15% and ready to vape within a couple of days. 5*

  21. Carl

    Easily one of the greatest vapes of all time.

  22. Simon7

    The Daddy of vaping!! quality.

  23. Keith

    you wont find this cheaper anywhere else. great flavour

  24. Alan

    My all day, every day vape juice. Nothing better than this imo.

  25. Glenn

    Nice fruity/mentholated flavour. Coils last for a week+ as its the only vape i use. 5*

  26. Malcolm

    Good quality original flavouring by vampire vape, no imitations here!!

  27. Robert

    Just love everything about it, good flavour, nice menthol hit and easy to vape.

  28. Mark

    Wouldn’t vape anything else, or buy it from anywhere else.

  29. Ed

    Literally all i vape and i love it. 5*

  30. George

    Really good flavoring to make diy vape liquids with. a little goes a long way with this flavour

  31. Dazza

    My all day – every day vape. 5*

  32. Paul Robertson

    You can not go wrong with a drop of the original Heisenberg, easy to vape and full of flavour.

  33. Donna

    One of my favourites! I love the flavour of this. Really tasty and goes a long way. i only mix this at 10% and tastes good every time. 5*

  34. George Morgan

    Top quality, by far my preferred day to day vape.

  35. Alex

    This is all i vape and i always buy my supplies from here. Been a customer for 18 months and never one problem with service or product.

  36. Jason

    My all day vape for sometime. Been saving loads buying in this kit format and making myself. It works out better than half price over buying it in the shops. 5*

  37. Richard

    Always in stock when you need it. One of the cheapest online, and the bonus of free postage over £30. No need to buy from anywhere else. 5*

  38. Josh Allen

    Speedy service, great flavour.

  39. Max

    My all day every day vape. Competitively priced with a quick delivery. Trusted seller. 5*

  40. Warren

    One of the best flavours there is for making vape liquids.

  41. Steph

    There is a reason everyone and their dog tries to copy this flavour, to say its outstanding would be an understatement. 5*

  42. Troy

    Great value from a reputable supplier. Keep an eye out for their offers as they frequently have them on this product. 5*

  43. Emma

    Quick delivery and genuine product. Order with confidence.

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