Vampire Vape Pinkman 30ml

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A flavour that will have all you fruity vapers wondering why we didn’t make this sooner. A mouth-watering fruit explosion on your taste buds.

PG Based Flavour Concentrate to be used only in E-Liquid. Dilute to suit user, between 10-20% depending on required flavour strength. Contents approx 30ml

All flavours made from the highest quality ingredients and made in the UK in a clean room from creation to bottling. All come with batch numbers and expiry dates. Sample liquids held for future testing to ensure the highest quality product. If it doesn’t pass QC it doesn’t go out the door.

*This is not intended to be vaped on its own. These concentrates are for personal use and not to be used for commercial purposes.

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14 reviews for Vampire Vape Pinkman 30ml

  1. Mike

    A refreshing change from Heisenberg from time to time. very similar but noticeably different. Very nice all the same and if you love the blue stuff, you’ll love this.

  2. Sarah

    My all day vape. The flavour is sooo good and mixed at 15% its great value.

  3. Millie

    I love this stuff. Fruity and minty there’s not a flavour out there that does it for me like this does. Great value as mixing ratio is only 15%, so each bottle makes 200ml of vape juice. always wait till there’s a sale and then top up and make a litre. costs me £50 ish and last 4 months. I used to spend that on fags a week. Service is always fantastic and orders arrive very promptly. One very happy vaper and customer

  4. ScottyGG

    My first Alchemist order….
    Excellence service loved the packaging and speed of delivery. Couldn’t be happier with the flavours with this being my favorite

  5. Kirsty M

    Saves so much money on buying the pre made 10ml bottles, this 30ml of concentrate makes me 200ml and it tastes just like when i bought it ready made. Works out about £18 for 200ml and i was buying 40ml pre made for £15.

  6. Nicola

    My favorite vape. The only juice i have used for some time now, Very addictive flavour.

  7. Amy

    This is my all day vape and has been for 2 years. Lush cherry mint flavour.

  8. Anonymous

    Very happy with this product. Would buy again

  9. Andrew H

    Lovely flavour, good menthol hit. 5*

  10. Paul

    My wife loves it, wont vape anything else. Order always arrive in good time and well packaged, which is why i order from here. 5*

  11. Antonio

    Myself and my other half love this vape, loads of flavour with a cool hit but yet sweet tasting vape juice!! easy 5*



  13. Kate J

    This is my fave and my all day vape! I can never get tired of the flavour honestly

  14. Gary

    A mouth-watering fruit explosion on your taste buds. 5*

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