TFA Strawberry Concentrate Flavouring

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TFA Strawberry Concentrate Flavor is a multipurpose product that can be mixed with other flavours, changed from a fruit flavour to a smoky flavour! Add it to your e-juices for a smoother throat hit without the flavor getting overpowered


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TFA Strawberry Concentrate Flavouring is a fruit concentrate that smells, tastes, and looks just like real strawberries. Just one drop can be used to flavor up four ounces of any liquid or food recipe—even scratch-made vanilla ice cream will taste delicious!

DIY with TFA Strawberry Concentrate Flavouring

TFA Strawberry Concentrate Flavouring is a versatile and complex flavor that will add the taste of freshly-cut strawberries to any vape juice, e-liquid recipe, food recipe, or flavoring; while we love the freshness and sweetness of our Strawberry Concentrate Flavourings, they don’t always offer the complexity needed for some recipes. But with our TFA Strawberry Concentrate Flavorings, you can create literally any strawberry type experience imaginable by mixing it with other fruit flavors. It also tastes great on its own. If you have been looking to experiment more in your cooking or baking this year then start with a jarful of TFA Strawberry Concentrate Flavoring!

The world-renowned vape juice flavour we all can’t get enough of is back and it’s stronger than ever! Strawberry Concentrate Flavouring is the fruitiest, sweetest e-liquid flavouring you could probably find in the market today. With such a deep complex taste, this could potentially be your next favourite base flavour for any nice aromatic vape liquid that will leave you wanting to stop at nothing until you have completely depleted this well-loved product!
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TFA Strawberry Concentrate Flavouring

This is a fresh, natural strawberry flavor.

**Note: Occasionally, this flavor can show a bit of clouding, but this is normal.Ingredients: Natural and Artificial flavors, Mono-Propylene Glycol, Water, Trace amount ethyl alcohol, and Triethyl Citrate. Water-soluble.

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  1. Shane Cook (verified owner)

    brilliant, a true fresh strawberry, as close as I’ve found to a natural fresh strawberry taste.

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