TFA Cinnamon Red Hot Flavour** Concentrate Flavouring


TFA Cinnamon Red Hot Flavour** Concentrate Flavouring is a hot, spicy taste that can be used in many different types of recipes.

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TFA Cinnamon Red Hot Flavour** Concentrate Flavouring flavourings and aroma concentrates combine to form a naturally sweet, spicy flavor. Take your E-liquid or Food recipes with this natural flavoring and blend them with TFA’s range of strength for just the right taste.
Cinnamon red hot is easy on the tongue–spicy but not fiery–and our flavor enhancers enhance it wonderfully with their signature sweet cinnamon notes that round out any recipe you add into it making it smoother, tastier, and perfect for all kinds of occasions.

Discover the full potential of TFA Cinnamon Red Hot Flavour** Concentrate Flavouring.

Leave your taste buds sizzling in ecstasy with TFA’s spicy and robust cinnamon red hot flavour. It combines the enticing crispness of cinnamon apple pie topped with a heaping scoop of that signature red hot candy, for an explosively delicious vape juice. This is one concentrate you’re not going to want to share!

Discover the full-bodied taste you’ve been waiting for with TFA Cinnamon Red Hot Flavour** Concentrate Flavouring. Combined with other flavourings, it is great for making e juice recipes, food recipes, and so much more! This product has a strong aroma right out of the bottle which can be enough to fill up your kitchen when using this in cooking. Simply add it to another sauce or flavour combination in order to have a balanced meal that packs quite the punch. A delicious cinnamon aftertaste lingers long after your dish is done.

A flavour that’s good for any time of day. From breakfast to dessert, it compliments everything you need! This is perfect whether you want a foodie fresh cinnamon taste or if you love spicy flavours. With this amazing e-liquid flavouring concentrate, all your harsh liquids will never feel the same again.
How would you use this product? Start with 10% per recipe for most people, but adjust gradually to suit your palate


This is a “stripped-down” version of our cinnamon that contains mostly cinnamaldehyde and a touch of eugenol. (The “hot Flavours”)

It is hotter than our cinnamon Flavour. Cinnamaldehyde is the main molecule in natural cinnamon bark, and this molecule, like pure cinnamon oil, should not be stored in non-HDPE plastic.

* Note: cinnamaldehyde can vary from being slightly yellow to very yellow, and so there will be color variations with this Flavour. Also, this Flavour does not combine well with VG-only blends.

** Note: Although rare, some individuals may be allergic to Cinnamon, please do not use this Flavour if you are allergic to cinnamon

Ingredients:Artificial Flavour, Ethyl Alcohol.

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