TFA Caramel (Original) Flavour Concentrate Flavouring


TFA Caramel (Original) flavor concentrate flavoring is the finest and authentic taste of caramel. Keeps your food recipe or e-liquid recipe interesting with this multi-purpose product.

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TFA Caramel (Original) Flavour Concentrate is a smoky, intense flavour. This caramel flavouring may be used to create additional unique flavours without the need for mixing. Alternatively, it adds depth to other flavours when blended together with them. It can be used in bakers’ recipes as well as e-liquids and edibles recipes for adults – making it an essential addition to any kitchen’s pantry!

Make your own e-juice with TFA Caramel (Original) Flavour Concentrate Flavouring

It leaves a powerful caramel aroma, epic smoke and an addictive flavour! Caramel (Original) is popular in everything from sweet to savoury cooking, but its versatility has made it the go-to flavouring for e-liquid recipes too. There’s this caramel flavour you can taste when your toast pops up like it’s ready for buttering or sprinkling with salt or sugar – now imagine eating one of those without having to stop what you’re doing, because every time you give your food that little extra something special with our TFA Caramel (Original), nobody will be stopping you! A must-have ingredient in any chef’s kitchen arsenal, TFA Vanilla Bourbon is an infusion that’s versatile enough to work well.

Who doesn’t love the taste of caramel candy? From french toast to popcorn, this flavour is used in all types of food. Is it high time you add a complex and sweet aftertaste to your favorite dessert or beverage? Introducing Caramel (Original) Flavour Concentrate Flavouring by TFA! Say goodbye to sugar and hello to smokey-sweet caramel flavor. This variety will leave you wanting more!

Water soluble.

This is our original caramel, back by popular request. More rich than candylike, with a toasty, maple, brown sugar Flavour.

*** Note: This Flavour contains ‘custard’ ingredients: Acetoin & Acetylpropionyl.

* The natural caramel in this Flavour can separate, just shake. It does not change the taste of the favor.

Ingredients:Natural & Artificial Flavour, Propylene Glycol,
Water, Corn Syrup, Caramel Color

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2 reviews for TFA Caramel (Original) Flavour Concentrate Flavouring

  1. Jackie

    Brilliant Flavour. More of a sweet gooey caramel type flavour than a hard caramel werthers type. Was just the type of flavour my mix was needing, finished it off to perfection.

  2. Samuel

    Smooth sticky Caramel as you imagined it should taste. Quite strong and wouldn’t use above 5% layered or 10% solo. Better in a mix than a standalone. Would use again.

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