TFA Cinnamon Danish Flavour Concentrate Flavouring


One taste and you know why it’s one of our most popular flavours! It’s potent, making it perfect to use in any recipe – but especially lip-smacking vape juices.

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TFA Cinnamon Danish Flavouring Flavour Concentrates is a vibrant and extremely realistic flavour that brings the taste of home to your vaping. If you’ve been looking for a flavour no one has tried before, this is it! It tastes just like a delicious cinnamon danish pastry with notes of buttery flaky crust layered with rich dark chocolate icing and fresh ground cinnamon spice. Whether you’re using this as an aroma or in vape juices, concentrates should provide all the sweetness needed for tantalizing e-liquids! You can also add these to any food recipe, favorite drink recipe – there are no bad uses for TFA Cinnamon Danish Flavor Concentrate!

TFA Cinnamon Danish Concentrate Flavouring for Vape Juice, E-liquid Recipes

Get your taste buds ready because this flavour is powerful and bitey. They’re so good, you’ll want to enjoy them all day long. If you’ve been looking for a Danish e-juice that’s creamy, moist, and perfection at every turn then the TFA Cinnamon Danish Flavouring Concentrate E-liquid Flavour from The Flavor Apprentice will be the perfect choice! Perfect for cinnamon danish recipes or as a mixer flavor with cream flavoring blends. Warning: Do not use TFA Cinnamon Danish alone in e-liquids, concentrate finishers only!

Have you been making near-endless attempts to tone down the flavour of your vape juice? Have you attempted to make food taste like home without much success? Does it seem impossible to enjoy life when all the flavours are gone?
Do not worry because TFA Cinnamon Danish Flavour Concentrate Flavouring might be what you’ve been looking for. Originally used by professional bakeries, this product can now be yours. Envelop yourself in true cinnamon pastry bliss with this professional-grade concentrate flavoring that’ll never over-power your recipes! Made in North America and FDA approved, these concentrated flavorings are perfect for anything from baking to vaping. Video game enthusiasts love using this in their e-liquid recipes while spicing fiction


A very nice baked cinnamon-bun Flavour that’s also been compared to cinnamon-sugar graham crackers with milk.

*** Note: This Flavour contains ‘custard’ ingredients: Acetoin (not a Diketone) & Acetylpropionyl.

Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavours, Propylene Glycol

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