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TFA Orange Cream is a one-of-a-kind flavour that gives delicious orange notes on the inhale and an addictive cream taste on the exhale. This flavour is perfect for adding a touch of get to your vape juices, e liquid recipes, or food recipes.

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It’s time to get creative with your orange creams. **TFA Orange Cream Flavour** Concentrate Flavouring is a multipurpose product that can be mixed into other flavours or it can stand on its own as a wonderful vape juice flavour without any additions. It’s available in the standard 100ml bottle and should last you a long time as it is concentrated at 2%. If you’re looking for an extra sweet-tasting orange cream, then **Orange Cream Cherry Flavour** would be perfect for you! But if not, there are so many other citrus concentrates to try from this store as well as berry fruit flavours and more.

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Orange Cream flavor, a favourite among confection and dessert lovers alike. For sweet citrus with a bright and creamy finish this is your one-stop shop. Use it in any recipe or for added zest with coffee or tea! The possibilities are endless.

TFA Orange Cream flavour is perfect for all kinds of recipes that takes a great orange like taste like vape juices, food recipes, and dessert. The concentrated flavouring can also be used as an aroma in candles, room fresheners, potpourri, air freshener. Not only does it work wonders on the actual flavour profile but the long-lasting scent keeps lingering through your space giving you lively aromas to enjoy.With our Orange Cream Concentrate, you can easily whip up desserts, drinks, and flavors that smell like summer. Transform your favorite dessert recipes into orange dream ice cream sundaes or create sweet candies with the bright flavor of oranges. With this all-purpose concentrate, you’ll never be bored again!

Water soluble.

This Flavour evokes that summery classic, the creme-filled orange popsicle. A sweet, creamy orange Flavour.

Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavours, Propylene Glycol, Ethyl alcohol.

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