TFA Boysenberry Flavour ** Concentrate Flavouring

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TFA Boysenberry Flavour ** Concentrate Flavouring is a versatile, multi-purpose flavour that has been designed with a focus on vape liquids.

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TFA Boysenberry Flavour ** Concentrate Flavouring is a fantastically sweet and earthy flavour. With notes of blueberry, condensed milk and butterscotch; this flavour combines some childhood favourites with some grown-up flavours to create something truly delicious! TFA Boysenberry Flavour is like no other concentrate out there – it can be used not only as an additive for vape juices and cocktails but also as a tasty food flavouring in recipes such as cookie dough, raspberry sauce or even grapefruit curd!

TFA Boysenberry Flavour** Concentrate Flavouring is Multipurpose

Imagine stumbling through your garden, enjoying the cool morning air. You pluck berries off of branches until you get to a bush heavy with succulent boysenberries. Plucking one from its branch and holding it in between your fingers, that sweet fragrance drifts up into your nose-tainted cloud. Bring that moment indoors, any time you want! With TFA Boysenberry Flavor Concentrate Flavouring you can capture the glorious smells of nature without leaving the warm embrace of technology around for so long than feels right. Who could resist?

The TFA Boysenberry Flavour Concentrate Flavouring is a creative flavouring that imparts a wonderful aroma and creates an extraordinary, nutty-like flavour to your food. It’s tested by experts in their own recipes and they highly recommend it for any serious chefs or vapers who know the power of this delicious ingredient.
You’ll love these family favourites:
TFA Boysenberry Flavour ** Concentrate Flavouring sauce on pancakes
or not over grilled meats
Craving some boba tea? Pour on some TFA Boysenberry Flavour ** Concentrate Flavouring soft drink!

Water soluble.

This is a very strong, fruity Flavour. Start slow.

Use no more than 5%, if you use more than that the Flavour will not taste right.
Also, let this Flavour age for about a week or so. It will evolve into the perfect boysenberry!

*** Note: This Flavour contains ‘custard’ ingredients: Acetoin & Acetylpropionyl

Ingredients: Artificial Flavours, Propylene Glycol.

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  1. Rebecca Didlington

    Got this in my free party bag over the alchemists birthday celebrations, isn’t a flavour I would choose, but it’s absolutely wonderful. Mixed it with a few differ at flavours and brings something to all of them. One I will defiantly be adding to my shopping list. Thanks once again.

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