TFA Coconut Candy Flavour Concentrate Flavouring


TFA’s Coconut Candy Flavour Concentrate is a subtle and sweet, multi-purpose flavour. Use it in your recipes for vape juices, aromas, smoke flavorings or food recipes.

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TFA Coconut Candy Flavour Concentrate Flavouring has a light, sweet, and nutty aroma that will enhance any e-liquid recipe. This product is not only for vapes! Whilst being great in vape juices, it can also be used with food recipes to add this unique flavour. Combining the nutty aroma of coconut, this adds flavour concentrate multipurpose on your next dish.

TFA Coconut Candy Flavour Concentrate Flavouring: The Best Smelling and Taste

This TFA Coconut Candy Flavour Concentrate Flavouring is a versatile product that not only can be used in food recipes but aromas and vape juices as well! It has a light coconut candy flavour so it isn’t too strong for those sensitive to spices. You will find this additive easy to use with ANY e-liquid recipe while also being useful in your favourite flavours too! Add delightful flavours to your vape juice recipes, for an epic combo of taste and aroma. Choose from our selection of single flavour concentrates that are multipurpose enough to be used in multiple recipes. There’s no need to search any further!

Get yourself a flavour that’s creamy and refreshingly sweet to your taste buds with TFA Coconut Candy Flavour Concentrate Flavouring. The natural flavouring of this product is derived from pure coconut oil, making the ingredients in our formula deliberately organic for parents who want their kids’ solvent-free vapes or food! Plus, this ingredient is also gluten-free – no more trading around saliva just to eat something you’re craving when all you can do is enjoy it without feeling any ill effects.
Best part? This is multipurpose so these 15mL bottles are not only amazing at enhancing your vape recipes but they also will bring some delicious flavours to your cooking accessories too! All yummy foods like shakes, desserts, snacks


A delicious sweet coconut Flavour, just like the shredded coconut found in tasty candy bars.

***Note: contains trace amounts (<1%) of Custard Notes.

Ingredients: Artificial Flavour, Propylene Glycol.

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