TFA Oatmeal Cookie Flavour Concentrate Flavouring


TFA Oatmeal Cookie Flavour Concentrate Flavouring finished is a flavour for vape juices concocted to bring the all-American goodness of oatmeal cookies with condensed milk.

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Do you have a home-baked cookie craving, but don’t want the calories? TFA Oatmeal Cookie Flavour Concentrate Flavouring is perfect for your needs. It caters to those who love the floury flavour of oatmeal cookies mixed with baked brown sugar and loads of raw sugar. You’ll never miss biting into one! You can easily vape this whenever you feel like it since it mixes well with most other flavours. When crafting recipes, try adding some nutmeg or even cardamom; these spices give that extra kick needed to make any recipe stand out! With flavour concentrate at hand, there’s no need to bake! Mixing things up has never been easier than ever before.

Premium quality TFA Oatmeal Cookie Flavour Concentrate Flavouring

This rich and sweet flavour is perfect for anyone who loves an oatmeal cookie recipe. With its aromatic flavours, it’s the right product for your next vape juice or e-liquid! You can also use this product in recipes like cookies, desserts, foods,…anything you want to make sweeter. This concentrated flavouring will last you a long time with one simple application.

Transform your food with this concentrate of flavour. Use it to make your favourite recipes even more mouthwatering, or refresh the old workhorse! TFA Oatmeal Cookie Flavour Concentrate Flavouring adds a burst of bakery goodness to any dish. Whether you want a crunchy crumbly cookie or a rich velvety brownie, we have just the right way for you to impress dessert lovers everywhere.
And if those mouthwatering desserts weren’t enough temptation, flavoured smoke is on-trend once again and our latest flavour concoction guarantees heavenly aromas that will leave vapers weak at the knees! Choose from several delicious options including chocolate mint leaves and apple crumble pie! Fill up some bottles today before they sell

Water soluble

Captures the Flavour of a freshly baked cookie right out of the oven with soft notes of oatmeal.

Ingredients: Artificial Flavours, Propylene Glycol.

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