TFA Frosted Donut Flavour Concentrate Flavouring


This Frosted Donut flavor is one of the most mouth-watering and enticing flavors we’ve ever had. The frosting make your mouth water for this unique dessert flavour.

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Base notes of fresh-baked dough filled with sweet, icing covered sprinkles & crumbly coating. A decadent treat for anyone who has a sweet tooth!
Dusty Frosted Donut Flavour Concentrate is perfect for any dessert lovers and smoked dessert enthusiasts alike! Deciding where to start? You can use TFA Frosted Doughnut Flavour as the base note in your next batch of an e-juices recipe or pick up some great inspiration from our delicious recipes, like our French Toast E-Liquid Recipe (TFA Cinnamon Roll + TFA Maple Syrup)! Captured flavourful after hours of lab testing and perfected with premium-grade flavorings like natural oils derived from plants and extracts directly from real ingredients.

TFA Frosted Donut Flavour Concentrate is the Best ejuice flavorings for Vaping, Cooking, and Baking

We’ve got the perfect frosted donut flavor for your next e-juice recipe or garnish. Add a burst of this garnishing flavor to your ice cream, whipped creams, and desserts for an instant punch of fresh vanilla goodness! Use our Frosted Donut Flavoring in bakery flavors such as chocolate cake and bread pudding; add these immediately to the pre-made dough if desired. For food recipes, blend with buttery ingredients like buttermilk or crumbs that sink into custards and cakes à la our Danish pastries—this fluffy concoction is sure to satisfy any and every sweet tooth out there!

The TFA Frosted Donut Flavour Concentrate is a rich, frosted buttermilk donut with an airy dough, sweet vanilla glaze, and delicious powdered sugar. Unlike other dessert vapes that are too saccharine or overpowered by sweetness, the minimal amount of sucralose used in this blend let’s the flavours come to life while still being able to taste the fresh fruit notes for those who are not inclined towards “dessert-Esque” e-liquids. Explore everything you need to make it with our drip cooker, DIY e-liquid recipes, and flavorings, all multipurpose!


*** Note: This Flavour contains ‘custard’ ingredients: Acetoin.
Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavours,Propylene Glycol,Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (a solvent related to glycerin)

For more information about Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) (CAS # 65381-09-1))
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