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TFA Maple Syrup Flavour Concentrate Flavouring is a must for lovers of TFA’s popular flavour concentrate. It has many uses, including in e-liquids, foods, and confectionary.

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For the TFA Maple Syrup Flavour Concentrate Flavouring lover, Vape Juices exudes a powerful aroma and taste of smoke. This versatile product is an excellent addition to any e-liquid recipe, food recipe, or flavor profile. A great multipurpose!

The taste of pure maple syrup paired with the beautiful scent of baked goods is a much-desired experience. Embrace that dream and live out your Canadian spirit by crafting some delectable treats in the kitchen, such as cakes, thumbprint cookies, butter tarts; any concoction you desire by adding TFA Maple Syrup Flavour to your favorite recipes.

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TFA Maple Syrup Flavour Concentrate Flavouring is an aroma for people who love the flavour of maple syrup. It’s perfect for adding to your vape juice, smokable products like e-liquids and smoke (though it’ll turn them brown), or food recipes like muffins, pancakes, or even pizzas! This concentrate will also work well in “multipurpose” – meaning it can act as a flavouring in sugar-free flavours, thickening agents in solid flavours (like Jello!), etc.
Rinse off that bad taste from other concentrates with this exclusive TFA flavour at our store! Make delicious desserts by prepping them with a sweet maple syrup scent. Keep the creativity coming with this multipurpose concentrate! Maple can be used in so many different recipes and food flavours for a naturally sweet flavour. This is the revolution of maple syrup without all the calories. You read right-this is not an actual food but we made sure that it was just as good if not better than any other maple syrup you’ve had before because we know what you’re capable of making into that perfect dish. Wake up

If you’re tired of experimenting and want a go-to Maple Syrup flavour to add to all your recipes (because we know, who doesn’t?), TFA has got you covered. The concentrated flavouring is made from high-quality ingredients – including natural vanilla extract and pure cane sugar for that authentic sweetness – but it’s never been easier to add this Canadian sensation into any recipe!

Water soluble.

This is a more syrupy tasting maple than our Maple Flavour.

*** Note: This Flavour contains ‘custard’ ingredients: Acetylpropionyl.

Ingredients: Natural & Artificial Flavours, Propylene Glycol.

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