TFA Crunchy Cereal Flavour Concentrate Flavouring


For TFA Crunchy Cereal Flavour Concentrate Flavouring lovers, this multipurpose product can be used to fill the flavour void in your homemade e-liquid recipes, design a delicious smoke for vaporizers, or dust off some old family recipes.

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TFA Crunchy Cereal Flavour Concentrate Flavouring is Give your e-liquid the same taste as a cereal box. The perfect addition to any recipe for a quick and easy vape juice. This speciality concentrate will make any ingredient more desirable, from deep-fried chicken to red velvet cakes!

TFA Crunchy Cereal Flavour Concentrate Flavouring: the best e-juice flavoring concentrate

The TFA Crunchy Cereal Flavour Concentrate Flavouring allows you to effortlessly create a variety of brilliant flavours by incorporating a few drops. All the flavour and aroma nuances are readily available from this single flavor concentrate. Perfect for those who want an authentic cereal vape, as well as those just starting out with DIY vaping!
All you have to do is use our free recipes or whip up your own creation that will be ready within minutes. There’s nothing better than creating something special that has been tried and tested over time by vape enthusiasts worldwide! With the right tools anybody can transform their favorite flavors into a sweet smellin’ E-juice – all it takes is imagination!

Walk on down the cereal aisle to your heart’s content with this liquid flavour concentrate for liquid flavour concentrates like vape juice, liquid flavours, aroma, smoke and e-liquid. This is a multipurpose liquid product which means you can use it in recipes of any level; from simple food to more complicated dishes like aroma or even smoke. It is professional quality in taste that every dreamer craves!

Sweet plain, brown sugar and butter yellow cereal. Previously named “Captain Cereal Flavour”
~The Flavour was renamed from Captain Cereal Flavour due to trademark issues.~

Ingredients: Artificial Flavours, PG

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