TFA Honeysuckle Flavour (PG) Concentrate Flavouring


TFA Honeysuckle Flavour (PG) Concentrate Flavouring is a honeysuckle-flavored sweetener that can be used for teas, vaping, flavoring drinks, and more.

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This product is a tobacco flavoring concentrate with strong honey flavors. TFA Honeysuckle Flavour (PG) Concentrate Flavouring for vape juices, aroma or smoke from smoking cigs and cigars or firewood fireplaces, food recipes such as desserts and pastries, cosmetic goods like skincare creams, conditioners to repair damaged hair, etc. contain a strong sweet scent that can be used in cooking for whatever dish calls for that kind of flavor. This syrup has the deceptive appearance of being too thick but when mixed it liquefies into a viscous liquid giving off its beautiful aromas while also changing colors depending on other substances added to the mixture making it an efficient multipurpose concentrated flavour ingredient solution suited to all purposes desired by

The best TFA Honeysuckle Flavour (PG) Concentrate for e-juice

Let the exquisite honeydew aroma of our TFA Honeysuckle Flavour (PG) Concentrate flavouring transport you to your back porch on a summer day. You can sense the lazily fluttering wings of butterflies against warming air, their pollen clinging to nectar-rich flowers. Remember that candy shop near your grandmother’s house? The one with old-fashioned candies in every colourful flavour imaginable – licorice, cotton candy, cherry sucker… Our TFA honeysuckle e-liquid is reminiscent of all those flavours and more! The carefree days are over soon enough but that doesn’t mean you need to abandon all sweetness for this hot weather season ahead.

TFA Honeysuckle Flavour Concentrate is a multipurpose flavour that can be used for vape juices, recipes, cooking, or anything else you want to flavor! The taste itself resembles the color of deep yellow with hints of orange. TFA Honeysuckle Flavouring has a very natural and pure honey-like quality to it.
This distinct flavouring is well-loved by many because although it is sweet in nature, it doesn’t contain any sugar – so there are no extra calories compared to regular fruit flavors.

Water soluble.

This Flavour is just like the nectar from honeysuckle flowers.

Very ethereal, this is not a strong Flavour, but a tender and exquisite one.

Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Ingredients, Propylene Glycol, Water.

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