Capella SilverLine 27 Fish


The Capella SilverLine 27 Fish is the epitome of flavor. The limited-edition has an exquisite aroma that can be used to make your vaping experience more enjoyable.

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Capella SilverLine 27 Fish has a single flavor of Capella SilverLine 27 Fish. This product is perfect for those who want only the taste of fish in their vape or smoke.
Smokers can refill or replace their e-juices, cigarettes, and produce with one tank filled with this liquid. Enthuse your friends to sushi by having them take a puff off your vaporizer!

How to choose the best e-juice for your vaporizer?

The kind of vape juice that tastes so good, you’ll want to quit smoking cigarettes for Capella SilverLine 27 Fish. This multipurpose e-juice is made up of five scrumptious flavors – tropical frosty rainbow ice shaved snow, citrusy grapefruit sparkled lemonade, cool menthol mystic elixir, sweet honey candy puff spun cotton candy, and the irresistible rich toasted milky chocolate cream. The result? A tantalizing flavor beauty without sacrificing quality or quantity.

For those Capella SilverLine 27 Fish lovers who are constantly looking for something new and different, the Multipurpose Vape Juice Bundle is for you. You know, we all smoked and vaped and did what we had to do at some point. But no more! Those days are gone thanks to SilverLine 27 Fish flavor e-juice! It’s intense, not for the weak or timid – but you will be thankful that it’s around when you need that straight-up nicotine rush. The only thing missing is the ciggie smoke… these products are ready to be shipped out within 24 hrs. Order now!

Catch this red-licorice aroma, jelly raspberry treat. A smooth, sweet, chewy sensation, reminiscent of your favourite fish candy that is sure to compliment your next recipe.

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