Bunce One Shot Concentrate

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Bunce One Shot Concentrate is, A thirst quenching sweet Raspberry & Lime cordial. This is a concentrated flavouring, created for you to mix into a DIY e-liquid.

PLEASE DO NOT vape it without diluting it first.

Mix at 25% and steep for 2-3 weeks.



Bunce One Shot Concentrate is a thirst quenching sweet Raspberry & Lime cordial

Money Shot concentrates have been uniquely crafted and formulated for the home brewer. Enabling you to create deliciously perfect e-liquids, to the levels of the professionals. For just a fraction of the cost.

Mix at 25% and steep for 2-3 weeks.

Our complex ‘One Shot’ concentrates are designed for usage between 15-25% (Subjective to preferential levels of taste).

Suitable both for High VG mixes & conventional 50/50 mixes. (or anywhere in-between)

We advise for a 2-3 weeks steeping process on all Money Shot Concentrates. Please appreciate, that some fruits types may be suitable to vape sooner. With the opposite applying to creamier, dessert custard types.

Bunce One Shot Concentrate is also available in a full Kit HERE


Natural and Artificial Flavours, Propylene Glycol.

Additional Information

  • This is a concentrated flavouring, created for you to mix into a DIY e-liquid.
  • PLEASE DO NOT vape it without diluting it first.
  • We do recommend mixing Bunce One Shot Concentrate at 20% initially. Then adjusting to your personal taste thereafter.
  • All of the Money Shot concentrates we stock are PG based.
  • Store in a cool, dry, dark place away from other foodstuffs, children or pets.
  • Made in the UK.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Bottle Size

100ml Stack-Shot, 30ml

36 reviews for Bunce One Shot Concentrate

  1. Carl Thomas

    Amazing flavour mixed at 25% .
    Also Shake and vape

  2. Dave Garland

    Honestly the best juice I have ever tried! Serious flavour and quality! If you’re thinking of purchasing any of this range… Buy this one! Simply brilliant!

  3. Shane Ferguson

    Incredible!! Never have I tasted a liquid this good either before with premium liquids, or any other one shot flavouring. Beautiful balance of raspberry and lime, sweet and tart like a cordial juice! Simply amazing! 5stars

  4. Charley

    I’ve tried all 8 of these one shots, every one is unique and extremely tasty, but this is on another level. Never have I tasted a juice so good. Perfectly sweet but sharp like a like also. Perfect combination of two of my favourite flavours. I could drink this its that good.

  5. Robert Rowe

    I had heard great things about money shots with a few friends at work recommending them to me, when looking into them and reading the descriptions this one tempted me more than usual, very unique flavour choices, not something I would put together but two single flavours I really like. The reviews sold it to me and the next day it arrived, mixed it up that night and had a little try, WOW.
    Resisted again until the next evening but just couldn’t get enough of it, I then purchased two big bottles that same evening to mix a big bottle up for a steep as I knew the original wouldn’t last long! It didn’t, this juice is just crazy good. Going to try a couple of others but to be very honest I can’t get enough of this Bunce. Raspberry and lime works incredibly well together and complements each other perfectly in balance, slightly sweet but also sharp like the description suggests. These guys certainly know what they’re doing, can’t believe I haven’t tried them before, but will certainly being trying the others in this range. Amazing juice!!

  6. Chris

    My new favourite juice, just gets better and better with each tank.

  7. Kevin Robertson

    Great flavour. Probably my favourite from money shots. Not a bad one in the bunch although some are not to my taste, my wife luckily adores those ones, this however we both love. It really is worthy of 5 stars. One I’ll defiantly keep buying. It has a permanent place in one of my tanks and I can’t see that changing anytime soon.

  8. Dave burns

    Superb. Never mixed before, but it’s turned out better than any Eliquid I have bought, and I made it myself. Made at 25% on the alchemists advise, very helpful service alongside a quality product.

  9. Hannah Skeete

    My favourite out of the 4 I’ve tried. Beautiful flavour, perfectly sweet and a little tart. I didnt think out of the 4 I chose initially that it would be my favourite, but I can’t put it down, going to get a big bottle this time.

  10. Joanne Walker

    My taste-buds exploded with joy when I first tried this juice. I bought on impulse after reading the reviews much to my hobbsy disgust, until he tried it that was, now we are definitely going to try some more from the range, but I’ll also be grabbing a large bottle of this.

  11. Wayne Garland

    Such a pleasant combination of flavours. Very tasty indeed.

  12. Jennifer

    If you buy one juice on impulse… Makes sure it’s this one! Amazing!!

  13. Julia Morris

    First juice I’ve had from this company but it’s easily… The best one-shot I’ve had from anywhere, I’m hoping the others are just as tasty, now back to try a different one, plus some more of this Bunce.

  14. Jay

    I bloody love this stuff, considered drinking it its that good. Literally can not put this juice down. So good on so many levels. You won’t be disappointed… If anything you’ll be hooked.

  15. Jennie loughton

    amazing flavour, so fruity and delicious. It really is one of the best liquids I have ever had. So impressed with this juice from my first order, can’t wait to try more.

  16. Matty Hayman

    Tried all of the one shots that do the rounds… None are as good as this liquid. This is ridiculously good, epic almost. Serious flavour when mixed at 20%. Delivers a tart raspberry and lime combo, but unlike most lime flavoured juices, this is exceptionally smooth. Perfectly sweet and not a coil killer like other shots. Now ordering a large bottle to make 500ml as my wife also has a taste for it! Great work Alchemist. 5 stars.

  17. Josh Boyle

    Heard great things about the money shots in general but great things about this particular flavour, so I just had to try it.
    Amazing is all I have to say! Back to try more and I don’t often leave reviews, but this juice is worthy of one! Fantastic flavour, the combination of raspberry and lime, mixed with the sweetness and tart makes for an incredible flavour. Will be recommending this to everyone! Excited to try more!

  18. Dan Ellis

    Light and refreshing this concentrate is a perfect all day vape! I mixed at 20% max vg. Patients with steeping (4 weeks ) will be rewarded with a smooth vape!

  19. geriba001 (verified owner)

    One of the best juice I have ever tried! Excellent!

  20. Richie

    My go to Juice, such a refreshing & zingy flavour. Perfect mixture of smooth Raspberry & Lime, I find its a real shake and vape and fantastic mixed at 20’%

  21. ollytheosteo (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning flavour, first hit made me think this might be an all-day vape and every hit since has confirmed that. You can taste each fruit with real sweetness but more like the real fruit than a fruit sweet. The lime is nice and sharp but with no harshness and no dodgy aftertastes. My vape buddy eats a lot of fruit so is a bit picky about fruit flavours, one go on this and they are now vaping it all day as well. A great product and I’ll be back for the largest bottle possible next time.

  22. J-Boy

    I normally get bored of flavour real quick, couple of weeks and its on to the next, This is the ONLY vape I have bought more than once and its now my 5th bottle on the spin. This flavour has everything. Good on so many levels, fruity beyond belief and a real high quality product. This flavour should win awards!!

  23. Rach

    Such a great flavour, the raspberry and lime compliment each other perfectly.

  24. Jessica59

    Literally the Best Flavour i have vaped. So Good!

  25. Simon

    Honestly one of the nicest, fruitiest, most refreshing vapes i have had in recent times. Excellent quality and flavour.

  26. Ade

    Been a while since i had this juice, was my daily vape a couple of years ago. Recently bought some while on sale and once again i cant leave it alone. its like 2018 all over again. Bursting with Raspberry and Lime goodness, perfected by the sweet/sour aftertaste. swear it tastes better now than before, but maybe that is down to a newer tank and setup. Back for a bigger bottle again, just a shame the sale has ended, not that i mind, this juice is worth every penny at normal price.

  27. Liz

    Super quick delivery & all round great tasting liquid. Very flavourful.

  28. Rosie

    Amazing! Such a refreshing a fruity flavour. Mixed at 20% it was good to go straight away. Got smoother after a few days and it became a real delight to vape. 5*

  29. Yazmin

    Very nice flavour, combination of Raspberry and Lime is great, works so well with the sherbet background flavour. Will be buying a bigger bottle next time

  30. Stu88

    This is the dogs b*ll*cks, super tasty, full on flavour. Didn’t know raspberry and lime tasted so good together.

  31. Gav

    Top class!
    great tasting raspberry and lime, but its the sherbet that they have nailed… its gorgeous.

  32. HarryABC

    Fantastic vape juice when mixed at 20%. Really tasty stuff. 5*

  33. Freddie

    Its great on its own, but also equally as good with just 2% of WS-23 added to it. Gives it that ultra cool feel, which is what i am all about now. 5*

  34. Jack

    Proper impressed with this, mixed at 20% and it has so much flavour. Not gunged me coils up either which is a bonus. 5*

  35. Dave

    Ye Ole Faithful. First sign of sunshine and all i fancy vaping is Bunce. 5*

  36. Chris

    Outstanding flavour. Going to have a bigger bottle next time around. 5*

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