Money Shot ‘One-Shot’ DIY E-liquid Box

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Vape Money & Save Money with this great Money Shot one-shot Mixing Kit.

Money Shot ‘One-Shot’ DIY E-liquid Box has EVERYTHING you need to make 120ml of E-liquid at 3mg/ml in strength and at a 75vg/25pg ratio.



Money Shot ‘One-Shot’ DIY E-liquid Box has EVERYTHING you need to make 120ml of E-liquid at 3mg/ml in strength and at a 75vg/25pg ratio.

Vape Money & Save Money with this great ‘Money Shot ‘One-Shot’ DIY E-liquid Box ‘

Mixing your own E-Liquid has never been easier. Money Shot concentrates have been uniquely crafted and formulated for the home brewer, to create a deliciously perfect e-liquid to the levels of the professionals, for just a fraction of the cost.

Each box has full step by step directions of use on the reverse, This is designed to be an introduction to ‘Making DIY E-Liquids’ …So why not Save Money by Vaping Money today.

Simply see which flavour tickles your fancy on the flavour profile poster below and head back to the top and select your flavour and start saving money today.



Each box contains>

 1 x 30ml Money Shot flavour of your choice

2 x 10ml Nicotine Shots (18mg/ml)

1 x 100ml of VG

1 x Empty 120ml bottle (to house your finished E-liquid)

a 10ml syringe (to make things flow into the new housing bottle easily)

 (you will need 2 additional Nicotine Shots to make a 6mg/ml) 

*Please ensure that items are thoroughly shaken after mixing and then left to sit for a minimum of 24hrs before use. We advise steeping on all liquids…some flavours may steep quicker than others and become smoother and more refined over time.

For further advise on steeping…  please see our steeping page

If you are having some trouble understanding the mix, please feel free to contact us or download EJUCIEMEUP

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg

Bunce, Cabbage, Dough, Loot, Moolah, Nicker, Smackers, Wonga

21 reviews for Money Shot ‘One-Shot’ DIY E-liquid Box

  1. Kerry

    Superb!! Really easy to use and great flavour. Works out so much cheaper for just putting the bits together and the Vape is really flavoursome. Back for more, can see me ending up with all 8 tbh. If you’re spending silly money on E-Liquid but this box, it’ll save you money and taste as good as anything you’ve had before.

  2. Donna Williams

    A great idea, having never mixed my own Eliquid before, very easy to use and great flavour. Will be using again.

  3. Megan Chambers

    Excellent introduction to making your own vape liquids.
    Bought one last week and came the next day. That night i sat down, followed the instructions and 5 mins later I had a big bottle of juice. No more 10ml bottles and boxes for me. Very easy to use, the box had everything I needed. I chose Nicker, which is a fabulous flavour, I’ve just read that I should of steped this? I didn’t and made it and vaped it the next day and it tastes brilliant. Loads of flavour and great clouds. Loads cheaper than buying 10ml bottles. Told so many people over the weekend how great it was and how easy. Very impressed and can’t wait to try more! If you want high quality Vape at a bargin price… This is the kit for you.

  4. Andrew (verified owner)

    Amazing flavours great price for the amount it makes… fast delivery 10\10

  5. Andrew (verified owner)

    Bought smackers 1 again absolutely amazing jelly n custard needs at least 3 weeks to steep also got loot to try.tastes great straight away but will let it steep for at least a week can’t go wrong with any of these and for the price and amount can’t go wrong 10/10 !!!

  6. Vivien (verified owner)

    So easy to use – Bunce is superb and my go to all day vape. On my first order the liquid was too thick for my coils to handle (high VG) – contacted Alchemists Cupboard and they gave me the workings out to make the liquid 50/50 – now that is excellent customer service.

  7. Julia

    After contemplating giving up vaping due to the fact a 10ml bottle was costing me ??6 from a local shop, it’d be cheaper smoking, a friend recommended this kit to me and I thought it was a joke, 120ml of liquid for ??15 couldn’t be real. He assured me it was and that he had made them him self so I ordered one not expecting much from it… firstly it arrived the next day and I was blown away with how good the flavour was, better than the ??6 a bottle without a shadow of doubt and about 6 time cheaper. Went with the Bunce flavour and its honestly one of the nicest juices I’ve ever had. just ordered another 4 which should last me 6 weeks or so. Thanks alchemist for keeping me on the vape and offering such good products at amazing prices.
    5* highly recommended!!

  8. Ash

    superb value, excellent flavoured vape and most importantly brilliant service. 5*

  9. Gloria

    Great kit that helped me understand the concept of DIY mixing very easily. Even though I now understand it theory and practical and have dabbled successfully I feel, I still purchase these boxes as it offers excellent value and the flavours on offer really are magical. The service is out of this world and orders arrived superbly packaged. All in all one very happy vaper.

  10. Flo

    Can’t believe how quickly this was delivered to me. Very good service!

    The kit its self is fantastic, very simple to use and the flavour i selected (Bunce) was one of the most refreshing, fruity liquids i have ever had the pleasure of vaping.

    Excellent all-round, i will be recommending these to all my friends.

  11. Carrie

    Brilliant bit of kit.

    Very easy to use and makes fantastic vape liquid. some of the best I have tasted and I made it myself…. well technically.

  12. KIm

    Fantastic!! Amazing juice at a wonderful price. Very easy to use thanks to the instructions on the reverse. Went with the ‘Nicker’ flavour and I’ve never had a juice so full of flavour, very fruity and with a slight coolness. I am back for more!

  13. Serena

    Fantastic introduction to DIY E-Liquids. simple and clear instructions, Incredibly easy to use. The result is also some of the best flavours i have ever tasted from a vape. Both Bunce and Nicker are absolutely amazing and full of flavour, utterly delicious. Incredible value and service. Ill be back for more without a doubt.

  14. Dean

    A great little kit for fist time mixers with no experience, like me. Found the kit very easy to use, everything that you need in in the box, full directions on the back and the flavour i went for (coconut biscuit) was one of the best flavours I’ve tasted on my vape. Great value and order came within 48 hours of placing. One very happy Vaper.

  15. Lucas

    First time mixing my own, this kit explained it all and had everything within needed. The result was brilliant, very happy with my vape, much cheaper than buying it from my local vape store.

  16. Phillip H

    Great introduction to DIY vape juice, first time making it, couldn’t have been easier and very very happy with the final liquid i’d made.


    I wish i had of found this kit 3 years ago, not only because the flavours (I’ve had them all) are out of this world, but because i would have saved hundreds of my hard earned pounds. I am telling every vaper i meet about this kit and you should do the same.

  18. Alex Hansen

    Brilliant, easy to use and great flavour. Didn’t realise it was this easy and cheap.

  19. James

    Fantastic kit for novices or advanced DIY home-brewers. Everything needed to make juice is included along with step by step instructions. I have been mixing a while, but still found this very handy. Ordered the Bunce flavour and couldn’t be more impressed. The balance of flavors is perfect. very well crafted. Not over sweet or harsh, but generally very tasty and smooth. Haven’t been this impressed with a new juice for a long time. Back for some bottle shots now as this seems to be the most cost effective way of making this flavour, but if its your first time, this kit will help you understand everything. Credit to the Alchemist for taking the time to produce something like this for the community or newbies.

  20. MikeBrown

    Excellent value for 120ml of top grade vape liquid. Kit contains everything needed with easy directions of use. The flavour is great along with think clouds. Been paying £25 locally for 100ml so very happy i have found this kit that not only tastes better but saves me money. 5*

  21. Rich

    My first time mixing and couldn’t have done it without the help of this kit, Very informative, has every step documented the reverse. Feel confident in having a go at some others now I’ve done it once. The flavour is also great, went with Nicker which is a juicy pineapple ice flavour. Going to get a few friends a set as xmas presents.

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