Loot One Shot Concentrate

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Loot One Shot Concentrate, is a beautifully sweet traditional Apple & Blackcurrant Juice. This is a concentrated flavouring, created for you to mix into a DIY e-liquid.

PLEASE DO NOT vape it without diluting it first.

Mix at 25% and steep for 2-3 weeks.




Loot One Shot Concentrate, is a beautifully sweet traditional Apple & Blackcurrant Juice.

Money Shot concentrates have been uniquely crafted and formulated for the home brewer. Enabling you to create deliciously perfect e-liquids, to the levels of the professionals. For just a fraction of the cost.

Our complex ‘One Shot’ concentrates are designed for usage between 15-25% (Subjective to preferential levels of taste).

Mix at 25% and steep for 2-3 weeks.

Suitable both for High VG mixes & conventional 50/50 mixes. (or anywhere in-between)

We advise for a 2-3 weeks steeping process on all Money Shot Concentrates. Please appreciate, that some fruits types may be suitable to vape sooner. With the opposite applying to creamier, dessert custard types.

Loot One Shot Concentrate is also available in a full Kit HERE


Natural and Artificial Flavours, Propylene Glycol.

Additional Information

  • This is a concentrated flavouring, created for you to mix into a DIY e-liquid.
  • PLEASE DO NOT vape it without diluting it first.
  • We do recommend mixing Bunce One Shot Concentrate at 20% initially. Then adjusting to your personal taste thereafter.
  • All of the Money Shot concentrates we stock are PG based.
  • Store in a cool, dry, dark place away from other foodstuffs, children or pets.
  • Made in the UK.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Bottle Size

100ml Stack-Shot, 30ml

17 reviews for Loot One Shot Concentrate

  1. Josh harding

    Such a wonderful flavour, sweet just like robisons squash! Can’t put it down! I could literally drink this stuff… It’s that good!

  2. Paul Lowery

    Wonderful flavour, wonderful vapour, mixed at 20% was almost a shake n vape! Was vaping it the next day!

  3. Howard

    Mixed at 20% 70 vg/ 30 pg – a good fruity vape that I keep going back to. My next batch will be at 25% to get more of the fantastic fruity hit

  4. Pip

    ive been vaping this flavour and nothing else for nearly 6 months now… It really is that good. Sweet apple and blackcurrant just like robinsons fruit Juice. My husband mixed it for me so don’t know the ins and outs, I just know I love this flavour and will continue to Vape it forever more.

  5. Jeff

    The best One-Shots out there, not a bad one in the bunch, but this is ridiculously good. Very flavoursome.

  6. Lewis

    Quality on every level, from the way it looks, to how it’s tastes. If you buy any premium branded apple and Blackcurrant squash, and this is the type of flavour you’ll get from this liquid. I’m not a fan of strong drinks or strong e-liquids, I mixed at 15% and it was perfect. Very nice flavours and they accompany each other perfectly as you would expect. 5 stars

  7. George Ellis

    So fruity, a real shake and vape.

  8. Steve

    A flavour I will never tire of, I think I’ve actually found my all day vape in Loot. 20% mix and a 2 day steep is all this needs and offer amazing flavour. Great juice!

  9. Caroline

    Great flavour. A perfect mix of Apple and Blackcurrant, nice and sweet with out being a coil killer. Would buy again but being my first purchase of money shots, I’m interested to try some others first. Highly recommended.

  10. Johnny8

    Really nice juice to vape, sweet and fruity. A lot like robinsons fruit squash. Would buy again.

  11. Cameron

    Fresh sweet apple and blackcurrant at its best. Mixed at 20% – Its a genuine shake n vape juice. 5*

  12. Phil

    Very nice flavour.

  13. BIG-D

    Beautiful, mixed at 20% and left for a few days, when i came to it, i was blown away with the level of flavour. Just like a fruit juice. 5*

  14. Ben Heath

    Lovely juice, mixed at 20% it had plenty of flavour and was ready to vape after a couple of day. Good mix of Apple and black, wouldn’t say either it dominant over the other, but combine to make a great taste. Nice and sweet without any sign of damage to my coil after 150ml.

  15. Martin

    Brilliant flavour, very much like a good branded Apple and Blackcurrant squash. Very refreshing. 5*

  16. Toby

    Lovely mix of apple and blackcurrant. Sweet but not over sweet like somne juices. Just enough to give it the juice feel but not so much it affects your coils. 5*

  17. Jason

    Exactly what i was looking for, a simple, yet delicious Apple and Blackcurrant flavour that is not tarnished with copious amounts of sweetner. 5*

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