100 ml Pure Lab Water


100ml Pure (Purified) Lab Water (EP) (BP)

Something often overlooked when making E-Liquids is the quality of the water used when making E-Liquids, for example, thinning VG, cleaning equipment, etc.

Distilled, Deionised or Demineralised just does not cut it, it’s not as pure or good as you may think.

So, as you are using the finest and purest other components available (Nic base, Flavourings, PG and VG), doesn’t it make sense to use the purest and highest quality water available also?

The Pure Water we provide meets British and European Pharmacopoeia grade (EP) (BP).

Pure Water is suitable for many applications including, Pharmaceutical production, Autoclaves, Laboratory instrument and equipment cleaning, it is used by Industry and Science based organisations and many more.

The 100ml bottles of Pure Water we supply, is of the same quality and standards as used in Dental Practices, Blue Chip Organisations and most Laboratories.

So….. What’s the difference between Tap water, distilled, de-ionised, de-mineralised and Pure Water?

Well, the filtration standards and the process used to purify water to EP, BP Pharmacopoeia Grade are a lot higher:-

  • Water is firstly passed through a softening process.
  • Contaminants and organic material are then removed using reverse osmosis.
  • The water is then passed through a twin bed deioniser which removes the cat ions and the an ions,
  • By now the water is typically < 1μs/cm
  • In the final stages of purification a .2 micron filter will remove any remaining bacteria.
  • Finally UV treatment removes any remaining traces of micro-organisms.

The resulting Pure Water conforms to:

European Pharmacopoeia (EP)

British Pharmacopoeia (BP)

Health technical memorandums HTM 20-30/HTM 01-05

British Standard BS-EN 13060

We purchase large quantities of Pure Water direct from the manufacturers, each batch is controlled, batch recorded and independently tested and certified, as well as being strictly monitored when being rebottled in our own Sterile Laboratory.

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