eJuice Calculator

Design and make your own E-Liquids with our NEW easy to use Mixing Calculator. Simply choose your desired amount to make, your preferred ratio and Nicotine strength add your flavours and their percentages and unleash The Alchemist in YOU!!

We are just doing some work on our calculator following customer feedback – it’ll be back shortly!


Getting Started: Making your own liquids is easy to do, follow our guide below and start making great juices today with The Alchemists Magic E-Liquid Calculator.

Choose you desired amount to make:  This is the required amount of final E-Liquid product you wish to make (ML)

Chose your PG + VG ratio: PG & VG are the two components that make your E-Liquid. VG makes the vapour and PG preserves and carries your flavour.  There are 2 commonly used ratios, dependent on what kind of device you are using.

For Mouth to Lung Vaping (MTL) 50vg-50PG is most suitable.

For Sub-Ohm Vaping (Clouds): 30pg-70vg or 20pg-80vg is most suitable.

In both instances these can be adapted either way.

Target Nicotine Strength: This is the strength of which you want your liquid to be (mg/ml)


Nicotine Strength: Please define the compound that your Raw Nicotine is suspended within. This will generally be either 100% VG or PG. Then state the strength of which Nicotine product you are using is manufactured to. Thanks to the TPD regulations, most commonly used is 18mg/ml Nicotine shots, although you may still be lucky enough to acquire 72mg/ml or even 54mg/ml. Our calculator is set up to work with all strengths.


Add your flavour name in the appropriately named ‘Flavour Name’ field on the left.

Nearly all flavourings are 100% PG based, so this field is automatically set for you. Should your flavour be 100% VG simply adjust accordingly in one box, and the other will adjust to fit. The same goes if your flavour is 50pg-50vg, just adjust one field and the other will balance out accordingly.

Lastly on the right you will need to input the percentage of the individual flavour you wish to use.

You can use as many or as few flavours as you like, should you need to add more flavours to your recipe, simply click on the +Add more flavours button to add another selection, if you haven’t used all 6 in the first instance, please delete the unused fields by clicking on the RED button.

Below you can find a couple of examples for reference.

One is set up for a 70vg-30pg liquid, 3mg/ml strength, using Nicotine Shots 18mg/ml. The other is set up for a 50vg-50pg Liquid, 18mg in strength, using 72mg/ml Nicotine.

The Alchemist’s Final Tip

Whether it be a One-Shot or a complex recipe, don’t forget to screen shot YOUR final calculation!! There is nothing worse than making a fantastic juice and never being able to replicate it again because you forgot what you put in it or the percentages used. (a save to file site is currently being developed where customers will be able to save their recipes and view others with a rating scheme.)