TFA Whipped Cream Concentrate Flavouring


Obviously, it’s multipurpose for any use – just add it to food recipes, use as an extract in simmering milk for extra flavourings or even take a small scoop out of jar and whisk with some water.

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It’s ready when you are. Just add e-liquid and shake it up! With concentrated flavoring, you can make delicious vape juices in only a few minutes.
The flavour is perfect for any occasion, such as an Irish cream coffee or a strawberry milkshake. Our TFA Whipped Cream Concentrate Flavouring product is perfect for anybody who wants to quickly and easily create their own special flavors!

How to make the best vape juice with TFA Whipped Cream Concentrate Flavourings?

This product contains a maximum concentration of TFA Whipped Cream flavour to be used in various vape juice, e-liquid recipes, or food recipes. The multifunctionality of this concentrate is what sets it apart from other products on the market, making it a viable option for many needs.
Furthermore, this product has been made with flavor extracts derived from natural sources and without any artificial flavors to create an authentic taste. It is suitable for use for all vapers who wish to enjoy the perfect balance between sweet creaminess and sour vanilla notes which are sure to please your taste buds! There are no carriers contained in this product as its function is solely concentrated flavouring usage.”

It’s time for a dessert, snack, or flavor fix. What to do? Whip up a quick serving of whipped cream in the comfort of your home in order to indulge in all sorts of desserts and dishes with an authentic homemade touch. Simply add water, shake well and what you have is a low-calorie white topping that doubles as an ice-cream refreshing blend when mixed with chunky fruit bits or decadent chocolate sauce. Harnessing sweetened condensed milk flavours from TFA Whipped Cream Concentrate Flavouring allows for rich vanilla notes to carry through while imparting sweetness to any recipe you make – not just for baking!

Water soluble.

A light cream, not strong but a good blender.

Ingredients: Artificial Flavors, Propylene Glycol, Triacetin, Water.

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