TFA Watermelon Concentrate Flavouring


Our Watermelon Concentrate Flavouring is a multifaceted product that can be used in any industry.
Electronic Cigarette Vape Juices will love how robust and sweet the taste is when they add it to their favorite recipes.

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For TFA Watermelon Concentrate Flavouring lover. Made of natural ingredients, there is no need to be afraid of bad smells and weird tastes. So sweet, so juicy–watermelon heaven!

TFA Watermelon Concentrate Flavouring is a perfect addition to any vape juice or e-liquid, smoke or tree resin recipe. What’s more, the sharp taste will be a refreshing supplement to your food recipes! One of many flavoured products from TFA.
Soft and juicy; where you can feel the complex watermelon flavour notes – this is sure to become your new must-have for both savoury dishes as well as light desserts like cake and ice cream. Tip: pair with grapefruit for an extra zing!

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If the flavour of your favourite carton of juice is what’s motivating you to wake up in the morning and that carton just ran out, we got news for you: no need to settle for a bottle of bland water. There’s TFA Watermelon Concentrate Flavouring and it’ll be coming at serving temperatures for sure! It packs all the fresh tones and tangy twist so many people love about this fruit straight into your vaping experience or onto any dish you fancy flavouring over.
Don’t forget if the bacon craze has introduced you to barbecue flavours late, there’s TFA watermelon concentrate flavouring too! Yep, now everything from meat marinades to french toast syrup can have a taste adventure thanks

Home cooks and bakers have been using TFA Watermelon Concentrate Flavouring for years. The flavour is not only delicious but it can be called on to create many different dishes, drinks, and desserts. It’s the perfect addition to all your culinary creations because you never know when an extra burst of watermelon would come in handy!


Water Soluble.

A tropical blend of delicious juices.

Ingredients: Natural & Artificial flavors, Propylene Glycol, Ethyl Alcohol.

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