TFA Super Sweetener concentrate Flavouring


This Flavour is a great source of sweetening. This product has a high concentration to avoid adding unnecessary sugars and the effect on food recipes, beverage recipes, vapes juicing, aroma smoke, and more.

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TFA Super Sweetener concentrate Flavouring is here! This liquid sugar can be used to replace any liquid sugar in your recipe. It will turn recipes into the right sweetness without adding too much flavor by itself. This product comes with a dropper for easy, mess-free pouring. The packaging of this product has an airtight seal that preserves its shelf life – perfect for kitchen or camping use.
You’ll never have to worry about having enough syrup again!

TFA Super Sweetener concentrate Flavouring Lover’s DIY e-liquid recipes

TFA (The Flavor Apprentice) Super Sweetener concentrate flavouring is an intensely sweet and flavorful additive in the food and beverage industries, with a wide range of applications. This flavour will add intense sweetness to any recipe with one drop. It is often used for making sugar-free versions of people’s favorite treats such as desserts, frostings, or drinks such as coffee or tea beverages. The TFA Super Sweetener Concentrate is also great when paired with fruit flavors to mimic something like apple juice. So whether you’re looking for dessert ideas that are healthier than what you’re normally after; want iced teas that really pack a punch; or simply crafting your own snacks because they taste better than the store-bought ones, this product

TFA Super Sweetener concentrate Flavouring is a super concentrated sweetener that will deliver an unbeatable sweetness without the calories. It’s perfect for e-liquid recipes, food recipes, and aroma giving you full imaginative possibilities. The eco-friendly formula won’t produce an after taste meaning it works great in both sweet and savory dishes. To save money simply use less than half as much of your current recipe! Some people say no one can really avoid excess sugar, but now there’s hope with the TFA Super Sweetener Concentrate Flavouring because you will cut down on both labor time (cutting back production) and spending (no need to purchase sweeteners). The best part? You’ll never be out of breath or wired from too


Water Soluble.

A tropical blend of delicious juices.

Ingredients: Natural & Artificial flavors, Propylene Glycol, Ethyl Alcohol.

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