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Buy TFA Pomegranate concentrate Flavouring today if you want an intense fruit flavour, lovingly designed by vape enthusiasts in the UK.

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TFA Pomegranate concentrate comes in a decorative and secure glass bottle with the usual flavor description. This flavor has an enticing aroma that is best used for smoking and vaping purposes but can be incorporated into food recipes and drinking liquids. Versatile in use, this concentrated flavouring agent requires just a few drops to add another level of complexity when it comes to preparing e-liquids or cooking desserts; whatever your preference may be!

TFA Pomegranate concentrate Flavouring for vape recipes

This is a multipurpose flavour and concentrate, whether you want your vapour to taste like anything from fresh-squeezed pomegranate juice or tangy smoke. We all know that great tasting e-juices start with high quality ingredients and the TFA Pomegranate Concentrate flavouring is no exception.

TFA Pomegranate concentrate Flavouring is perfect for vape juices, liquid recipes, e-liquid recipes, or any food recipe that needs that extra fruity zing. This product is multipurpose and can be used in anything to add flavour. Split it up into multiple small bursts for freshening up your clothes as well as your surroundings with an aromatic sweetness!

Pomegranate concentrate is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a multipurpose flavouring that can be enjoyed both in vaping and cooking. An excellent option for making DIY recipes, this concentrated flavour comes from TFA’s high-quality blends of natural flavourings.
Pomegranate concentrate has a rich but light taste while still being tangy and refreshing. If you’re going to use it as an add on for your DIY recipes or vape juices, add 2 drops per 10ml bottle to get the best results. In food, try using Pomegranate concentrate to liven up your dish with its fruity fruitiness! Just think about how good it would go with desserts like cheesecake or ice cream!


Water Soluble.

A tropical blend of delicious juices.

Ingredients: Natural & Artificial flavors, Propylene Glycol, Ethyl Alcohol.

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