TFA Guava Flavor


Perfect for mixing in recipes or using on its own, this flavor is great for vape juices, food recipes, and even with other concentrated flavors to add an extra kick!

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TFA Guava Flavor fruity vape will have your mouth watering with delight. The perfect taste of guava is one for the books, not something you’ll want to put down. This flavor of vape will make time fly by more memorably than ever before. Imagine yourself eating these sweet grapes of joy!

Try the best TFA Guava Flavor e-juice recipes for your vape!

TFA Guava flavor is a hit among sweet lovers and barbecue enthusiasts! The sweet, blended guava qualities of this e-liquid give it a mixed fruit-like flavor with an aroma to keep you craving more after each hit. This e-juice can be used in recipes or for making your own E-Liquid. Be sure to grab some today before the weekend so you’ll be ready for anything during all your fun activities!

The TFA Guava Flavor is a sweet and savory tropical fruit that creates an irresistible aroma when vaped. This flavor comes in 10ml, 30 ml, and 100 ml sizes to suit any individual’s taste preferences. As we all know fruity flavors can sometimes be too smooth and light for many people but the TFA Guava flavor has just enough tartness with its sweet notes to balance out anything you need in your vape juice or e-liquid recipe.
Ever since this incredible E-Liquid hit the market, it has been acclaimed by everyone who tries it because of how well its tastes with most mixes. If you find that having added guava extract into your recipes makes them taste like syrup then use this flavour instead


A beautiful tropical flavor.

Ingredients: Artificial Flavors, Propylene Glycol, Water.

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