TFA Cream Soda Concentrate Flavouring

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A delicious cream soda flavour. This product has been crafted to produce a creamy, full-bodied flavour that’s comparable to those of the best quality cream sodas and ice creams.

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TFA Cream Soda Concentrate Flavouring is a powerful and all-purpose type of flavouring. You can use this flavour to add the flavour of cream soda to your food and drink recipes and vape juices. This concentrated flavouring will last longer than DIY flavours without clogging up your tank with gunk! The exciting thing about TFA Cream Soda Concentrate Flavouring is that it’s multipurpose, you can use it for

Flavor up your day with the best tasting TFA Cream Soda Concentrate Flavouring on the market today

TFA Cream Soda Concentrate Flavouring is your favourite drink in its concentrated form. A zesty citrus soda combined with a sweet cream flavour makes this vape juice concentrate more than just another bowl of cereal.
A sweeter option, TFA has flavours ranging from fruity to savoury so there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for dessert or dinner-time comfort food, TFA has the widest variety of tastes to choose from on the market today. For that wider shot at creativity, this unflavoured nicotine solution also works best when mixed into e-juice for cooking or even baking recipes where you can get creative and light up some surprise flavours without the added sweetness!

With a richer, cleaner cream taste, TFA Cream Soda Concentrate Flavouring is a great additive to any delightfully varying vape juice. It will make for excellent e-liquid recipes as well as baking and cooking creations. Welcome to our world of tasty sensations!
It’s also a multi-purpose flavour which means you can use it in everything from ice creams and cakes to salad dressings or drinks. So sit back with your favourite one today and say hello!


Water Soluble.

A tropical blend of delicious juices.

Ingredients: Natural & Artificial flavors, Propylene Glycol, Ethyl Alcohol.

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    Not bad at all, mixed at 15% and the flavour is there. Not an ADV, nice for a change, but a tank is enough at a time.

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