TFA Coffee Concentrate Flavouring


TFA Coffee Concentrate Flavouring for Vape Juice. The highest concentration of flavouring in the market, with a very good taste and aroma. With this flavour you can make delicious recipes like coffee cake, desserts or ice cream mixes at home. It’s multipurpose!

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TFA Coffee Concentrate Flavouring is the go-to flavouring for any coffee lover. Use it in your vape juice, aroma, smoke, or food recipes to add a subtle and rich flavour that tastes like smooth black coffee with cream and sugar. This versatile product can be used in any recipe you’re cooking up!

Our company hopes to be the best when it comes to coffee flavorings, so we’ve put a lot of work into TFA Coffee Concentrate Flavouring. Luckily for us, our clients love it and write reviews about how believable and rich in taste this flavoring is. If you look at the description below for this product, there are many different ways you can use one bottle in order to get amazing results in your dish or vape juice:

Best TFA Coffee Concentrate Flavouring for e-juice DIY

Sometimes, the best way to get your morning started is with a nice hot cup of coffee. Nothing gets you more energized for work than that first sip of flavorful caffeine. However, if you are on the go or don’t have time to brew yourself that perfect pour-over then grab some TFA Coffee Concentrate Flavouring instead! Its delicious hints will quench your appetite and have the added benefits of being able to use it in any type of concoction, whether it be vape juices, food recipes, e-liquid recipes, or anything else. Prepare yourself for an experience so good you won’t even remember what life was like without this amazing creation!

TFA Coffee is the cheapest and most popular flavour anywhere. It will bring your favourite coffee shop to you, no matter where you are. The aroma of a cup of fresh brew looks great in a mug with a little steam coming out from under the cover or through delicate white crema on top. The intense pure brewed experience creates an airy taste – dark brown – with hints of apples – which leaves its wake as rich after taste that hazes over the pallet for hours!


Water Soluble.

A tropical blend of delicious juices.

Ingredients: Natural & Artificial flavors, Propylene Glycol, Ethyl Alcohol.

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