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For TFA Cantaloupe Flavor lover vape juice enthusiasts, e-liquid makers, and other creative cooks. Famous for its taste and versatility, this flavor is perfect to be mixed with other fruit flavors or used as a standalone.

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TFA Cantaloupe Flavor is a multipurpose flavor that can be used as an all-around flavoring for any e-liquid recipe, as well as vape juice recipes. It also has over ten uses and over fifty flavors with the same flavor profile so if you want to change up your style every day, this is the product to use!

Cantaloupe is an ever-popular summer fruit that you can enjoy in juice or just eat straight. The TFA Cantaloupe Flavor lets you experience cantaloupe all year long with a tasty, juicy flavor. Enjoy your favorite summer drink whenever you want by making your own DIY e-liquid.

Best e-liquid flavors for vapes: TFA Cantaloupe Flavor

TFA Cantaloupe Flavor offers a perfect balance of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you coming back for more. The mouth-watering, flavor-packed Juice is suitable for all-day vaping and can be used in a variety of different ways to suit any vaper’s needs. As a single ingredient e-liquid, it tastes delicious. You may also add this flavor to recipes or ice cream to create some astonishing combinations!

TFA Cantaloupe Flavour is a multipurpose e-liquid that can be used for more than just vaping. It is the perfect fruit flavor suitable for recipes, vaporizers, or even aromatherapy. This product tastes like ripe cantaloupe with hints of honeydew and orange; it’s delicious! TFA Cantaloupe Flavor delivers on sweet, juicy taste without an overpowering sugar profile–making it ideal for all types of vapers (drippers included). You won’t regret adding this to your tank or making it the base flavors in your newest recipe.


Water soluble.

This is a natural tasting cantaloupe of medium strength.

Ingredients: Natural flavors, Propylene Glycol.

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1 review for TFA Cantaloupe Flavor

  1. Richard

    My favourite melon flavour. A more refined flavour than the standard watermelon from either Capella of TFA. Works great at around 5-8% depending on accompanying flavours. My favourite mix using this is 8% Cantaloupe, 3% Papaya, 3% Strawberry Ripe 1% super-sweet, i swear it would rival most commercial melon type juices.

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