TFA Blood Orange concentrate Flavouring


TFA Blood Orange concentrate Flavouring is the concentrated form of natural TFA flavors that provides you with an intense burst of flavor for your vape juice, food recipes, or other goods.

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The Blood Orange flavour of this TFA Flavouring extract is the perfect addition to your DIY vape juices, sauce and guacamole recipes, or just a yummy shake-up for your lunch. It’s also an easy way to add citrus zest into any sweet dessert you’re making.

TFA Vape Juices offers a wide range of products for all your needs. Whether you are looking to flavor your dish or sweeten up your ice cream, TFA has the perfect blend for you!

The best tasting TFA Blood Orange concentrate flavoring on the market today

TFA Blood Orange is a customer favorite with its consistent top-rated taste. This one has virtually no bitter notes, and the aroma is enticing due to the natural citrus oils. The syrup offers something for everybody because it’s used in all sorts of e-juice recipes like vape juices, cooking recipes, dessert recipes, cocktails; this versatile flavoring can also be diluted to iced tea or iced coffee! It mixes well with other fruits so you can create your own icing flavor without any sugar or added coloring needed.

TFA Blood Orange concentrate Flavouring is a flavour extract obtained from the fruit-bearing plant by expressing the juice, then concentrating it under vacuum until a syrupy texture is achieved. This product can be used interchangeably with other concentrates, in foods and beverages (unheated) for creative recipes like vegetarian dishes, sauces and desserts; in culinary cocktails to enhance flavour; baked goods for creative flavours; or in vape juices to create unique vapour profiles that are not available commercially.
Fits in your pocket easily
Easy maintenance
The perfect addition when you want something different!

Water Soluble.

This flavor is a unique orange distinguished from regular orange due to its berry-like nuances.

Ingredients: Natural and Artifical flavors, Propylene Glycol.

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