Platinum DIY E-Liquid Mixing Kit

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he Platinum DIY E-Liquid Mixing Kit gives you an opportunity like none other to make a multitude of recipes with complete directions including what flavors sell well together, how you might want to tweak the recipe for your personal taste preference



20 x Nicotine Shots
3 x 250ml VG/PG
8 x Empty 100ml Bottles
5 x Empty 30ml Unicorn Bottles
1 x 100ml mixing Cylinder
1 x 10ml 1 x 5ml 1 x 2ml 1 x 1ml Syringes (with 2 x 14g needle)
1 x Pair of Mixing Gloves
10 x 30ml Flavourings


If you would like to try mixing your own e liquid, Platinum DIY E-Liquid Mixing Kit has everything you need. It is packed with handy mixing accessories, a step by step guide and contains the highest quality food and pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

This kit from the base and flavouring supplied will make between 1200ml of E-liquid dependant on percentage of flavour used in your mix. You will have considerable amounts of Nicotine left (dependant on your preferred strength) so the next time, you will make your juice much cheaper, due to not having to buy this again.

If you need help working out the percentages to mix at, We highly recommend the (eJuice Me Up) mixing Calculator.

We have produced a “How to make your DIY E-liquid Guide

We even have a recipe page to show you what can be achieved

*this is a fixed bundle and changes and amendments cannot be made.

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Weight 1.2 kg

2 reviews for Platinum DIY E-Liquid Mixing Kit

  1. Steve + Carole

    WOW this kits makes a lot of liquid, it kept me and the wife going for 2 whole month and saved us bundles of cash. Some of the flavours weren’t to my taste, but luckily they were alright for the wife. had everything I needed to make it easy and safe. I’m now back for some more flavours after doing 2 months of research I’m going to get more creative this time around. I also found out from digging on the internet that these are the go to guys for flavours so I expect ill be a regular in the alchemist cupboard from now.

  2. Georgia Harris

    Couldn’t believe how big the kit is, only just fits through the front door, let alone the postbox. Contained everything I needed to make my own juice, bottle, funnels, loads of base liquid and 10 simply brilliant and true to taste flavourings. Great service, great product! One very happy customer.

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