Dinner Lady Starter Kit Bundle


Your choice of Dinner Lady (30ml) + 3 x Nicotine Shots (18mg) + 100ml VG +  1 x 250ml Empty Bottle + 1 x 30ml Bottle –

This makes 150ml of Dinner Lady E-Liquid. The Cheapest way to vape Dinner Lady E-Liquids.


Dinner Lady Starter Kit Bundle is the Cheapest & Easiest way to introduce yourself to DIY vaping. Enjoy Dinner Lady flavours now in an easy to use DIY E-Liquid Starter Kit.

Included in the Dinner Lady Starter Kit Bundle

  • 1 x 30ml Dinner Lady Concentrate
  • 3 x 10ml Nicotine Shots (18mg/ml – 100% VG)
  • 100ml of VG
  • Empty 250ml housing Bottle + 30ml Convenience Bottle


This example will make – 150ml of E-Liquid – 3mg/ml – 80vg – 20pg

  • Remove Cap from Concentrate and pour this into your EMPTY 250ml housing Bottle.
  • Add 25ml of Nicotine Shot (for 3mg/ml)
  • Finally add 95ml of VG.
  • Shake and leave too steep for the suggested time before enjoying.


If you require 6mg/ml, please purchase extra Nicotine Shots, then add another 25ml of Nic Shot but subtract the same amount (25ml) from the VG inclusion when mixing. This ensures ratio remains and flavour is not compromised.

For first time users, you may find this 100ml Measuring Cylinder helpful


  • Dinner Lady – Apple Sours
  • Dinner Lady – Berry Blast
  • Dinner Lady – Black Orange Crush
  • Dinner Lady – Blackberry Crumble
  • Dinner Lady – Bubble Trouble
  • Dinner Lady – Heisen-Lady
  • Dinner lady – Lemon Tart
  • Dinner Lady – Pink Wave
  • Dinner Lady – Purple Rain
  • Dinner Lady – Strawberry Macaroon
  • Dinner Lady – Sun Tan mango
  • Dinner Lady – Sweet Fusion
  • Dinner Lady – Watermelon Slices


Additional information

Weight 0.30 kg

Dinner Lady – Apple Sours, Dinner Lady – Berry Blast, Dinner Lady – Black Orange Crush, Dinner Lady – Blackberry Crumble, Dinner Lady – Bubble Trouble, Dinner Lady – Heisen-Lady, Dinner Lady – Lemon Tart UK, Dinner Lady – Pink Wave, Dinner Lady – Purple Rain, Dinner Lady – Strawberry Macaroon, Dinner Lady – Sun Tan mango, Dinner Lady – Sweet Fusion, Dinner Lady – Watermelon Slices

16 reviews for Dinner Lady Starter Kit Bundle

  1. Jason

    Brilliant kit, excellent value, Superb flavours.
    I had been buying these all separate so its great to save a few quid and get it all in one bundle.

  2. Martyn

    Fantastic value and great quality products. Arrived within 48 hours and i am already happily vaping away on my first homemade mix of Sun Tan Mango. 5*

  3. Matthew Palmer

    Excellent value, great delivery times, easy to use kit that delivers great results. 150ml of top notch E-Liquid for under £15. 5*

  4. Richard

    First time ordering with these guys and couldn’t be more impressed with value, quality, speed of service. Order arrived within 24 hours and was excellently packaged. Got a feeling all my supplies will be coming from here when it this easy and cheap. 5*

  5. Julie Quinn

    Brilliant kit, easy and simple to do, following the instructions on the website. Great flavour and value. will be buying more as notice every brand has this option. 5*

  6. Brian

    Excellent value for money.

  7. Lisa R

    Easy to use kit, full instructions on site if you need, but really is like the chap said, as easy as making a cup of tea. Add the nicotine and VG and away you go. 150ml of premium E-Liquid for under £15. My flavour of choice was Blackberry Crumble which was lovely. Looking forward to trying more. 5*

  8. Nigel

    Easy to use and cheap as chips for top quality juice. 150ml for £15 of dinner-lady is a pure bargain. 5*

  9. Trisha

    Fantastic value – great flavours, my one of choice is blackberry crumble which is delicious

  10. Jamie

    Great kit, fantastic price! Never mixed before, but it really is easy to use and kit comes with everything needed, my flavour of choice is Berry Blast which is delicious and good to use the day after mixing. Ordered a few now and never had any problems, but keep your eyes out for their sales, got my last lot at £12.75 when they had 15% off.

  11. Richard Wallace

    This juice is simply excellent for this money. Pretty strong flavour hit, not surprisingly I like it a lot. I’m definitely going to try different ones from other brands and come back to this one as well.

  12. Chris

    brilliant value , a lot of juice for £15

  13. Lydia

    Great products, customer service and speed of delivery 5*
    First time ordering (and mixing) and very impressed with the speed of which it arrived and the amount of vape juice i made for the £15 it cost. Had been buying DL – LT for years from the local shop, so i couldn’t wait to try it, and believe me when i say, you wouldn’t tell the difference. The flavour is exactly the same….but it did take a few days to get to that point. Wasn’t happy with it initially, but after a crash course in mixing and steeping from the alchemist over the phone, some patience was required and he was right in that, if i was patient i would be rewarded with good flavour, and boy was he right, plus i’m saving a fair few quid as well.

  14. Claire F

    Great value and great vape liquid. Cheap and easy to do, with some of the best tasting e-liquid you can get. Pink wave is my favorite flavour, which i would recommend.

  15. Adam

    Excellent value!

  16. Graham

    Bloody brilliant, very good value for some great vape liquid. 5*

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