TFA Peach (Juicy) Flavour Concentrate Flavouring


This TFA Peach (Juicy) Flavour Concentrate is a multipurpose, all-purpose flavouring that can be used in food and e-cigarette recipes. It has a sweet and refreshing, yet smoky peach fragrance.

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TFA Peach (Juicy) Flavour Concentrate is a pure, true-to-life peach flavour that won’t let you down with its light tastes of sweetness and warmth. This flavouring concentrate provides instant fruity satisfaction for your taste buds without overpowering other flavours in an e-juice recipe. TFA’s range is varied enough, so whatever type of fruit or sweetener you need at the time; they’ve already got it covered.

This TFA flavor is the perfect flavor for those who love the luxurious, fruity tastes with a twist of richness. This tastes exactly like fresh, ripe peaches with a delightful sweet-smoke undertone that packs just enough punch to whet your appetite without overwhelming you. It has an elegant aroma of juicy fruit undertones and can be used in everything from e-liquid recipes to more savory applications. Evoking just the right balance of delicious citrus zest against hearty fir tree resin, this peach flavor is by far one step above any other on the market!

Why choose TFA Peach (Juicy) Flavour Concentrate Flavouring?

The TFA Peach (Juicy) Flavour Concentrate Flavouring tastes like peach juice. It also smells like the juicy, ripe, peach that you would find at the grocery store. The flavour is pretty strong for a concentrate and it should be diluted before adding to any other flavours to achieve a milder taste. It is using this flavour when I want something sweet to drink or eat.

This flavour is for re-creating a peach flavour that has juiciness in it – think of when you bite into a fresh, ripe peach from the fruit stand. This juice will make your taste buds go crazy! Our TFA Peach (Juicy) Flavour Concentrate Flavouring will add depth and character to any recipes where you want something sweet with hints of succulent peaches.
This concentrated flavouring is perfect for e-liquid and food recipes. We have found this particular concentrate pairs particularly well with vanilla bases, apple pie fillings, gingerbread cakes, chocolate mousse icing, or even butterscotch ice cream.


Water soluble.

This is our new peach, which has a more “ripe” character than our original peach.

This Flavour has the barest trace of one Custard Note

Ingredients: Artificial Flavours, Propylene Glycol, Ethyl Alcohol, Triacetin.

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